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The Inbound Marketing Gameplan (Infographic)

As consumers continue to flock the Internet, the way how Internet Marketing works has been developed over years. In the two-way media like Internet, people are freely interact with the brands they like rather than consume them individually. People like to read reviews, give comments, and have a good interaction. For Internet world business, inbound marketing really outperforms outbound marketing. Here is more comprehensive infographic about that topic.

A Day in the Life of the Internet: An Infographic

Nowadays, Internet has became one of the most important needs for a lot of people around the world. At this rate, Internet will inevitably become an integral part of everyday life in which people may take advantages from it or being swept away by its huge influence. To get more understanding about how big the power of Internet today, we brought up a new infographic about Internet statistics. Check it out.

The New Design of Google+

This is the third time Google+ redesigned its appearance since the launching over 2 years ago. It is simply beautiful and eye-catching. However, some people may find that Google+ is not as “practical” as Facebook or Twitter, the two social media titans that already garnered big number of fans. In this new installment, Google+ emphasizes its effort on the “visual” display and sharing the common interest between its users. In a short way, it lets people enjoy a beautiful new way to explore the stuff they love and dive deeper into the things they like with related hashtags. Sounds like Pinterest? You decide by yourself.

All You Need to Know About Content Marketing (Infographic)

Content is the king, that is absolutely true. However, the king would be useless if he doesn’t have any powerful authority towards the others. Same thing with contents. No matter how good your content is, if you cannot show its “power” to public, your content is a king of nothing. That’s where the content marketing come. Today, The Website Marketing Group will share a useful infographic about all the details about content marketing. Take a look at it.

Five Easy Tips for YouTube Video Marketing

More than 2.5 million videos are being uploaded on YouTube everyday and 90% of them get less than 1,000 views. Even if you have a video on YouTube, you would have fewer views, unless you put some marketing efforts on it. However, a groundbreaking video with a lot of viewers need a lot of works.

Remember this?

The development of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video is pretty fast:

You can bet on your luck to become famous via YouTube. However, luck itself is not enough. You will definitely need a good strategy. Here are some points on how to market your YouTube videos effectively:

1. Specify Your Target

First thing decide to whom you want to show the video, why they will be interested to watch your video? Is it something funny or has some good contents? Suppose you have a Music concert video and you want to promote it on YouTube. Here your target groups may be young people who have the interest on music. You may reach out to them by Google AdWords. Do some keywords research on Google AdWords tool and then target the right keywords that are relevant to you content.

2. Improve Your Call to Action

Put the URL of your website at the beginning of the video description on YouTube. To add your website link, just click on the “Edit Video” option at the top of your page in your Account. If you put the URL, people can go directly to your website and the details of your company. Don’t forget to add the URL inside the video as well.

3. Add Annotations

Annotation is a presentational markup attached to text or image or any data. It will help to get people to subscribe, like or watch the nest video on the playlist. To add annotations, go to your YouTube account, click on “Edit Annotations”

4. Add Transcription

Don’t forget to add transcription inside the video. It will help to people who are deaf or hearing impaired & also useful for everyone, because most of the people watch subtitles inside the video who are not comfortable with the language. All you need to create a simple text file with all the words of the video, then go to “Edit Captions” option in your account and upload there the text file.

5. Put Social Media Icons

At the end of the video, put the Facebook follow & twitter icons with proper links so that users can go to your Facebook/Twitter page and they can like or share the post over there which will help you to make it go viral.

Once all these things are done, promote your video by sharing the link among your friends and social media. Also do shoot some emails to your friends and make it viral. Don’t forget, the better your content are, the better chance too it will go viral.

Gladiator Can: A USB Drive in the Energy Drink Can

Gladiator is an energy drink brand in Brazil, which become very popular among office employees. However, the company who make Gladiator knows that USB flash drive is very essential for office employees, yet they often lose it. We’ve all had that awkward moment when we can’t find a USB drive when we really need it. Then, Gladiator Energy Drinks manages to modify their drink cans, so they can be utilised as a USB drive as well!

All you need to do is going to the website, signing up with your Facebook account, scan your can in front of the webcam, then get access to upload a file from your computer, which is ‘stored’ in the USB can. Then, you can unlocked the files when you use the USB Can on another computer. A creative idea around the can, yet it obviously not as practical as you’d probably like a USB to be. After all, it could be your lifesaver when you can’t find any USB flash drive nearby. Check out this video:

Three Ideas for Creative Pinterest Marketing

Are you looking for some creative ways to use Pinterest? Would you like to make stronger connections with your customers? Although many brands run creative contests on Pinterest, here are some new ways to engage audiences and build your presence. Take a look at these three ideas to use Pinterest creatively for your business:


1. Create a Creative Campaign

How can you get creative with Pinterest contests? The answer is simple: engages your audience in a way that makes your campaign stand out. Make it unusual or special. Other option is by looking at others. Most successful companies have unique Pinterest campaigns and sweepstakes. Adapt those strategies with your own way, which means by adding your brand’s personal touch.


2. Guest Pinners

Tell people to pin on special boards. Call the experts to contribute on your topic or specialty. The association between  creator and contributor benefits both of them and forms a strong relationship between the two.

Associating one contributor with one group board, as opposed to associating many contributors with one group board, can help avoid complications with content. Group boards with too many contributors and no moderators often suffer from issues such as oversharing of spam pins that aren’t relevant to the board’s topic. Consider these questions: How can your business best use guest contributors to your Pinterest boards? Which experts are in your network who could share value with your audience on Pinterest? The most important thing to keep in your mind that you want to create a valuable community on Pinterest with the help of others, not for spamming others.


3. Make People Get to Know Your Brand Better

This is another key point: Use Pinterest to help their audience learn more about the company. Teach your audiences everything about who you are, what you do and how you treat your fans.

This is such a great way to stay connected with your fans! These images will help engage their fans and double as testimonials. When people look at others enjoying your products, they want some, too.

It is very important to show that you care about your fans, that you want your fans to be a part of the company. This is an attitude that goes a long way toward attracting more loyal fans. A behind-the-scenes look helps customers know the employees.  Seeing what happens inside is another great way to connect with the community.

Ask yourself these questions: How does your audience want to engage with you on Pinterest? Is your conversation there one-sided? Or are you making it easy for people to get to know you?

To build a committed following on Pinterest, instead of simply pinning content and products to your boards, make an effort to help your followers learn more about your company and get them involved.


Make the Most of Your Pinterest Community

Pinterest offers unique opportunities to engage with your audience, thanks to the visual interactions. These are just three examples of brands using Pinterest in creative ways to engage their followers, create partnerships and build community. Expand and adapt these ideas so they will suit to your business.

Social Media Statistics: How Social Media Had Reached Almost Every Aspect in Australians Nowadays

website marketing and development at sydney australia

More than three in five Australians now use social media. Smartphones and tablets have overtaken the laptop.

A growing number of the Australians are using social networks wherever they can: workplaces, schools, bedrooms, and even the toilet cubicle. A new study of Australian internet users found more than three in five now use social media, with almost half of users logging on daily and some more than five times a day.

Australian Facebook users are spending more than seven hours on the site every week, and the smartphone is now the most popular way to access social networks, taking over from the laptop computer.

Is this a sign that many Australians has became addicted to social media?


Australian Social Media Statistics

  • 65 per cent of online Australians use social networks
  • 45 per cent log on daily
  • 17 per cent log on more than five times daily
  • 76 per cent log on from a smartphone
  • 37 per cent view social networks first thing in the morning 42 per cent use social networks last thing at night
  • 34 per cent log on at work
  • 6 per cent log on in the toilet
  • The typical Facebook user spends 7 hours on the site weekly
  • Average number of friends, followers and fans is 258

Using Vine for Marketing in Six Easy Ways

For marketing utility, Twitter is very limited. It only has 140 characters. Most marketers would say “What am I supposed to do with that? However, this “simplicity” becomes Twitter’s weakness and strength as well. People are tend to be more focused and will not bother using “flowery” words in their promotional posts anymore.

One of the most successful children’s books of all time was written with only 50 words. It was a challenge thrown down to Dr Seuss by his editor when he was about to write his  next book “Green Eggs with Ham“. To put this in perspective the previous book by Dr Seuss “The Cat in the Hat”  was written with 236 words.

Simple is good.

The Power of Simplicity

Just over twenty-one years ago on December 3, 1992 the message “Merry Christmas” was sent by software engineer Neil Papworth to the Vodafone director Richard Jarvis. That was the world’s first text message. It was short and it was simple.

Who would think that 20 years later that 8.6 trillion SMS messages would be created every year around the planet? Or will you expect that text messaging would be a $150 billion a year industry nowadays?

It is the messaging of choice for most teenagers. The adults have also realized its time saving capabilities. People have also understood that having a conversation is maybe not something you always want to do.

Video Messaging

Twitter had announced an app called “Vine”, which allows you to take a video that is limited to 6 seconds and continues to loop. We had been posted it before, so it is not a new issue anymore. However, with the booming of Vine, the competing apps called Viddy and Tout appeared. They do much the same as Vine.

Why bother?

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to put the boot in. Twitter took texting to a new level and put it on steroids. Maybe a short and simple video is enough to get a powerful message out that is memorable.

Using Vine for Marketing

Viddy thinks that 15 seconds are the right length for a video short message while Vine has chosen 6 seconds. Maybe there is some scientific reasons behind both of these selections, but let’s look at some possible ideas for marketing with a short video:

1. Elevator Pitch for the Brand

You want people to understand what your brand is all about, and he elevator pitch is where you wrap it up in one sentence or two. Six seconds are maybe enough. The main point here is how could you make it visual and viral.

2. Product Demonstration

Two minutes product demonstration videos in your online store maybe are too long. Why not experiment with six seconds?

3. New Product or Service Launching

Launch your new product in six seconds if you can. Otherwise, you might use YouTube. Maybe your messaging will  get better as you learn to communicate the key features and not the unnecessary.

4. Brand Personality

Social media allows and wants you to give your brand a personality. Use Vine to make it real and authentic. Make it quirky or innovative. Many brands want an image that goes beyond bland.

5. Marketing a Promotion

Use a 6 second Vine video to market a new promotion. This could  be a new book, song or a movie or even an event. How long do you need to communicate something new. Remember the power of simplicity.

6. Announcing a special offer or discount

50% off. How long does it take to announce that special offer for your clothing store?  Make it visual and shareable.

How to Manage a Successful Facebook Page?: A Q&A Lesson from Appliances Online

Online electrical retailer, Appliances Online (simply known as AO), has seen impressive growth on its Facebook page, recently hitting one million likes. According to AO, it is also making Facebook sell, something not all retailers have managed to do. It has seen a 60% in branded search traffic, which has led to a 58% uplift in sales driven by brand terms.

To find out the secrets behind this growth, here is AO Social Media Manager Yossi Erdman’s answer:

Q: What’s the secret of a great Facebook page for an e-commerce site?

A: Find the content on your site that people will connect to. Whether (in our case) it’s strange things about what you have in your fridge, the food that you like to cook in your new oven, or anything else related to your area of expertise that you think people will want to engage with. We are lucky that we sell products that everybody needs (sometimes more than you can imagine).
Q: The growth in Facebook fans is pretty impressive. What’s the secret?

A: A mix of good content with smart advertising. There is no shame in using Facebook advertising and it’s something we are very proud of doing well. But Advertising itself doesn’t work, you need to create really good content. We chose to have competitions for products we sell (this way we can talk about/advertise our products simultaneously), and created engaging content around them. We answer personally to every customer or fan talking to us, and we believe that level of engagement is what makes people come back to us. If you browse our page you will see faces first (it is FACEbook after all) and then you might see products. We believe that’s what people want to see, some behind the scenes, some funny things and our social media team embarrassing themselves.

Q: How have Facebook ads and sponsored stories worked for you? What has / hasn’t worked?

A: We invest a lot into Facebook advertising. The most useful method is page post sponsored stories for desktop and mobile. But in order for that to work you have to create very good content on your page posts. That’s why we have a great graphic designer working on our social content, and we have a video studio that we can use when we want to create pictures with our products.

Q: How has Facebook boosted brand search traffic? How have you measured this?

A: As mentioned on our Facebook case study, we saw 60% uplift on branded searches. We believe Facebook has driven most of this change. More people are now searching for ‘Appliances Online’ instead of just ‘washing machine’, but it’s not because they are just our Facebook fans (click ‘like’ once and that’s it), but because we focus a lot on our engagement with them and make sure our fans see some quality content from us at least once a week. If we don’t have good content we don’t bother our fans.

Q: You promote Facebook and other social profiles prominently on the site. What was the thinking behind this and how has it performed?

A: As we are relatively unknown brand, we thought it could have a really positive effect on potential buyers to see their friend’s faces on our site, if they have recommended us on Facebook.

We get really good feedback from customers almost on a daily basis, so we decided to show it on our website header as well. Now when a potential customer comes to our website, they can see our latest feedback directly from Facebook and if they’re connected to Facebook at the time they might see some of their friends. With more than a million fans on Facebook there is a really good chance one of this visitor’s friends already recommended us. We see 10% uplift in conversion when people visit our site when they are connected to Facebook (and can see their friend’s name).

Q: How many people are in the AO social team? How often are you posting on Facebook? How have you found the best frequency?

A: We now have four people on our social team, but we also have a designer who works with us on a daily basis, and all of our customer service queries are handled by our correspondence team which has 10 people. So lots of people in the business are involved in managing the Facebook page and the social media, but that’s the only way you can respond to every customer personally and make sure people get an answer as fast as possible. Every week we post things on a different frequency. In general we really don’t  like to spam our fans, so we will never post once or twice a day, always less than that.

Q: Many retailers have struggled to make Facebook ‘sell’. What have you done differently, and how do you measure sales/conversions from the site?

A: As an online retailer, we decided we have to invest in this platform and make it right, that’s why there are so many people in the business involved in the process of creating content and talking to customers, and that’s why we have decided we need to advertise on Facebook and make it run properly. We measure direct sales from Facebook, but we mostly focus on branded searches. We don’t believe people see our ad on Facebook and then come and buy a washing machine immediately, as it’s a purchase you need some time to consider. However, we do see more people search for Appliances Online than ever before and believe Facebook has a lot to do with it. Using Facebook for our brand is definitely the right thing to do. Measuring by the great feedback we get there from our customers (or customer to be), and the amount of interaction we have, we’re definitely doing the right thing.