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Four Tips To Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is everywhere, and it becomes a common trend in business nowadays. As people are increasingly using online media to represent their digital identity, the best way for brands to engage with their audiences with is to create content they can use as their own social currency.

In today’s global era, every type of businesses can take advantage from content marketing. There are numerous tools and best practices on producing great content. However, we would still to propose a simple framework that looks at massively overlooked concepts that content marketing needs in order to thrive. These concepts are:

1. Positioning

First of all, any serious business owner needs to position his/her content. They must be unique and offer a distinctive feature from the current condition. In other word, they must think on what makes their recipe ‘yummier’ than others.

Positioning your content is no different to positioning and marketing your product. Some will say that it is down to quality,and the solution is “to be careful”. Your brand might be putting loads of quality content out there, but you are competing with media companies that have content at the heart of what they do.

Your personality and tone are also an important part of your positioning. Innocent does a great job at conveying this warm, cute and friendly personality that makes people want to talk to them. Injecting personality into your brand always pays off in social media where people want to interact with you by choice.

2. Passion

You need to drive your content with passion. A shared passion with your audience is the best way to connect with them.

Whether you are in the business of music, mobile phones or curating art, you need to find that one thing where your business and your audience connect and thrive altogether. Client and agency relationships work best when clients and agencies are able to seamlessly collaborate. Clients can inject the passion for the product whereas agencies can bring best practices, measurement and paid media into the mix to ensure that the passion of the client is taken to its full advantage.

3. Paid Media

Often forgotten by many clients, paid media is an essential element of your content creation. Your video content might be amazing but there are still 72 hours of video content uploaded to Youtube every minute. Also, bear in mind it is always less amazing than you think due to cognitive biases that lead us to overstate the quality of the work we are involved with.

Your Facebook status update might be revolutionary, but on average, Facebook status updates reach less than 15% of your fanbase.

Paid Media should integrate with your owned media assets. If you have a Youtube branded channel you should still seed some of the videos through paid media to guarantee cut-through. And the same applies to tweets, Facebook status updates and blogposts.

4. Perseverance

Your content marketing needs to have a perseverance theme to it. It takes time to build a strong community. Also, content needs to be optimised and refined over time. You need to do a lot of research into topics and approaches that before you know which ones resonate best with your audience. A good understanding and analysis at post-level, as well as content tagging can help you tweak and refine your content.

Content plans are all well and good, but content curation and creation needs to be agile enough to change and adapt to what the audience favours.

Pinterest: The New Face of Social Media Marketing (Infographic)

Are you looking for a new field to expand your social media strategy? Would you like to make stronger connections with your customers in more visual way?

If your answer is “yes”, then you might consider using Pinterest as one of your social media marketing tool. Pinterest offers unique opportunities to engage with your audience, thanks to the visual interactions. Pinterest is also claimed as the “fastest-growing social media newcomer”, which is a good place to look over fresh prospects. Take a look at this infographic for more detailed information about Pinterest:

Email Marketing Tips: How to Minimise Unsubscribes from Your Email List

After a certain amount of time, some subscribers will choose to leave your email list, no matter how hard your attempts to keep them. Don’t worry. It’s the nature of any permission-marketing channel that the final decision and control over receiving the messages rest in the hands of subscribers.

So, it is okay to accept unsubscribes as a fact of life and not take them personally.

You can also take some steps to reduce the number of unsubscribes by not only honoring the cornerstones of permission (choice and control), but also expanding the options you offer.

Here are five specific steps you can take to avoid email subscribers from leaving your list. These tips are also very useful to improve the user’s experience concerning your email program.

1. Opt-down as an alternative to opt-out

Probably the most popular and effective deterrent to an email opt-out is a practice known as the ‘opt-down’. In short, an ‘opt down’ means to “reduce email frequency”. For the subscribers of many retailers, publishers, and other high-volume senders of email, the opt-down provides the breathing room and relief that subscribers need to avoid feeling smothered by a brand in the inbox.

Either frequency is a significant reduction in volume from daily and provides enough relief to make subscribers on the fence about staying on the list much more comfortable with sticking around.

2. Provide category-specific selections

Opting down in promotional email marketing is a logical choice, but it’s not the only way subscribers can stem the rising tide of email. For many marketers (business-to-business, travel, services), a high volume of email messages is the result not of constant promotional offers but the overall mix of many different message types.

When you combine newsletters, video/blog content, event-related messages, triggered email, and reminders/alerts with promotional offers, sometimes it makes more sense to offer category opt-downs vs. frequency opt-downs, since many subscribers will be satisfied to maintain a minimum level of contact rather than unsubscribe completely, giving them an option to remain subscribed to your email newsletter is an excellent option.

3. Include an email “change-of-address” function

The third way to give subscribers the choice and control they need to avoid leaving your list is to allow them to change or update their email address. The fact is, people will need or want to update the email address they’ve given you for many reasons, hera are the most common:

  • They change email account providers due to a move or job change.
  • They revise their chosen subscribed address from a work to a personal email address (or vice versa).
  • They abandon a consumer email account that is receiving overwhelming, unstoppable amounts of spam for a clean new primary email address.

If your subscribers want to update their email address with you, let them do so. Provide a function that allows them to do that.

4. Pay attention to message format choices

Nowadays, with the fact that nearly 60% of all email being opened on mobile devices, message format and rendering become the main concern. Often, to stay interested and engaged with your email messages, subscribers need to receive your emails in a more easy-to-read format. That means offering them the choice of plain text vs. HTML, or allowing them to indicate the device on which they normally interact with email. These options can be integrated into your unsubscribe pages to mitigate opt-outs, into an email (or overall account) preferences center, or both.

If you suspect message format and rendering issues might be causing people to leave your list, offering simplified format choices is a must.

5. Communicate beyond email

Finally, just because someone leaves your email list doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to hear from you at all anymore. If they have been a customer before leaving your email list, make sure to keep in touch through alternative channels, such as direct mail, catalog, and social media. Track a list member’s buying behavior after the unsubscribe. Chances are, they may simply not be a fan of email as a marketing channel. However, they might be still fond of your brand.

Be selective. Don’t cease all communication to subscribers who opt out of email. Monitoring customer engagement and purchase history across all channels is essential to knowing where and through which it economically pays to continue customer communication, reduce it, or cease it altogether.

Whenever you see the email list opt-out as a learning opportunity rather than a loss, you will see it in a more positive light and reap additional insight into your subscriber base. Activating even a few of the ideas above will not only help you keep more email list members but also tell you a lot about where you can improve your programs to prevent opt-outs or complaints in the future.

Google Chromecast: A Bigger Way to Enjoy Video Streaming

So, what’s new on this week? Introducing Google Chromecast. This device allows you to connect your HDTV with laptops, smartphones or tablets, makes you able to watch online video streaming on your TV.  The main benefit of Chromecast lies on its capability to give “bigger” view for everyone else, comparing when you watch a video on a “tiny” screen. You will not need a remote control as everything is controlled from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The installation of the device is very simple. Watch this video for Google Chromecast’s official ad:

How to Get Motivated: An Inspirational Video for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Sometimes, being a startups can make people feel discouraged. This is largely due to the common paradigm that a business starter requires substantial capital. The prospective starters are also often confronted by the fear of failure that would cause a huge financial loss.

However, being an entrepreneur is the best job you’ve ever dreamed. You will be able to take care of your business independently. You will determine your own financial gain. You are also not tied to a variety of contracts and working hours.If you ever thought about opening your own business, the first thing you should probably build up is motivation and enthusiasm. The following video will give you some idea about how you convert numerous entrepreneurial as a motivation.

Google is Withdrawing Its Google+ Local App for iOS

Google+ Local Interface


Google is shutting down the Google+ Local places and discovery app for iOS devices and will be replacing its features over to its Maps app.

Before the shutdown, Google+ Local was an iOS based app that offered several discovery services such as place recommendations based on the user’s friends and location. However, as per August 7th, the service will be closed as a stand-alone product, although its features will be incorporated into Google’s Maps app for iOS.

The app itself already appears to have been pulled from Apple’s App Store. People who search for the app will receive a message saying it is currently not available in the store.

Google+ Local joins a range of other products and services recently closed by Google. The company officially announced that it was also pulling the plug on its Shopper app for Android- and iOS-based devices in an effort to focus instead on its search service and Google Shopping site. Shopper was an app that let people find information on products by scanning them or through voice and text search.

Google did not provide additional information about why Google+ Local was pulled off. However, it is clear that in recent months the company has focused on enhancing both its Maps product and Google+ social network, while at the same time streamlining other services through product closures.

On Android and iOS, Maps received a range of new features earlier this month including improved search, navigation and interface design. The company concurrently announced that Google Latitude and check-ins would be killed off as part of the update and incorporated over to the Google+ social network.

Even bigger changes to Maps were unveiled at the company’s I/O developers conference in May. Those enhancements included the ability for users to add personalized landmarks as long as they are logged into the service. On the other hand, Google faces mounting pressure to demonstrate value to users with its Google+ social network as it competes against Facebook and Twitter. A range of features for that product were also rolled out in May, such as a redesigned social stream, automatic hashtagging and photo-sharing enhancements.

Google+ Local launched in 2011. There was an Android version too, but it linked only to the old version of Google’s Maps app. When Maps for Android was updated earlier this month, Google+ Local’s functionality was integrated into that product.

YouTube’s Latest “Subscribe Button” Feature for Off-site Websites

If you have a YouTube Channel and use the service extensively, you will be happy to hear that YouTube has created off-site subscribe buttons. It allows developers to add the ‘Subscribe Button’ to external websites encouraging more user subscriptions.

Previously, the only way to subscribe to someone’s channel was on the YouTube site itself, whereas now Video producers can promote their channel on any website. You can create your own buttons here. All you need to provide is your channel username..

YouTube gives you the option for several different layouts and button sizes, and the code required to display them on your site. However, for more popular video bloggers this will give them to tools to become even more popular and gain subscribers from other websites and marketing mediums.

Heineken “Dropped” Airport Promotion

Most people have an adventurous side of themselves. Most of us have that feeling when we want to do something new, unique, or different from our daily basis. Apparently, more than 75% of people in this world have thought about going to a “last minute mystery” trip, turning up to the airport and just booking a flight to a random destination.

Here comes the interesting situation: what if you have already got plans, you’re about to board a plane?

Heineken is aware enough of this “impulse” of random road trip and held a promotional campaign around that theme. Here’s the deal: Heineken gives you the opportunity to win a free ticket on the random places around the world by playing the Departure Roulette on JFK. The destination might be unexpected, such as Thailand and Cyprus. The participant must commit that they have to go on whatever destination place that shows up on the board. Many people rejected the offer, but there are some passengers that brave enough to take the challenge (and actually got a flight).

Google Penguin Updates (Infographic)

Google’s Penguin has received gradual updates since April 2012. The updates are aimed to improve Google’s searching performance and decreasing the visibility of websites that violate the Webmaster Guidelines by using black hat SEO technique. Check out the complete infographic below:

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“eBay Now” Goes to Desktop

Getting that last-minute gift from Best Buy just got a little easier. Last Monday, eBay Now has been officially launched for desktop. For those who might not aware of eBay Now, it is a service that lets you order products from local retailers and delivers them in around an hour.

The service is already available in San Francisco, San Jose and New York City, the service also expanded into the Bay Area Peninsula, Brooklyn and Queens.

As we’ve seen mobile really take off at the consumer level it is really blurring the lines between offline and online commerce,” said Dane Glasgow, eBay’s vice-president of mobile. “The fact that you always have a connected device with you is having a huge influence on how people shop and buy, both at home and when they’re out on the street.

eBay Now Desktop

Shopping is done much like how it would at any online retailer: collecting items into a virtual cart for checkout. When you check out using eBay Now, however, a valet is dispatched to the store from which you’ve requested items, to do your shopping for you. After the valet purchases everything you’ve asked for, he or she brings the items to you, at a location you specify, typically within an hour.

Glasgow said the product’s mobile version has been used for everything from ordering an iPad to cold medicine. One bike rider even ordered the materials he needed to repair a damaged tire using the service, and had the items delivered.

The only requirement to get something delivered is that you spend $25 at a single retailer. Your first order through the service is free, after which each order has a $5 delivery fee.