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What is Content Marketing? (Infographic)

Content marketing is often depicted as a complex thing among many beginners. Many of them are not aware that it is actually quite simple.

Do you really want to know what is content marketing all about and how it can doubled your company’s influence? Check out this great infographic which explains how regular blog posts, social media and online communities can help increase customer acquisition.


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Goldman Sachs Report: Australia is One of The Least Likely Countries To Win in World Cup 2014

australia-in-world-cup-2014World Cup 2014 is near and even those who have little to no interest in soccer usually want to get involved in this four years event. Goldman Sachs had taken this seriously by processing the data all the way back to 1960 to give the most accurate possible prediction of the tournament’s outcome.

According to Goldman Sachs report, Australia’s odds come in at 1500/1, with only three countries less likely to win. They are Costa Rica, at 3000/1, and Iran and Honduras, both at 2500/1. Additionally, the report also states that Australia has an 11.5% chance of reaching the second round, and a 0.1% chance of winning the tournament.

Meanwhile, Goldman gives Brazil the best chance of winning, at 3/1, despite Spain being No 1 in the FIFA World Rankings. The host country is bestowed with a 48.5% probability of winning in Rio, with Argentina second favourites with a 14.1% chance.

The report predicts that victorious nations can experience a boost in their economy, which could be welcome news to a troubled Brazil if they do triumph. Yet,  the predictions differ from the bookies’ odds in that they “are based on a regression analysis that uses the entire history of mandatory international football matches — i.e., no friendlies — since 1960. This gives us about 14,000 observations to estimate the coefficients”.

On the other hand, The Socceroos fans remain positive. Goldman’s analyst Andrew Boak notes that Australians have bought the second-most tickets of any foreign country.

Here is the complete report from Goldman Sachs. Click here to download the PDF version. Just right-click the link and choose “Save link as…” option.

Five Most Popular Myths in Digital Business (Infographic)

Slowly but sure, the digital business has overtaken the dominance of direct transactions. However, many people are still reluctant to use Internet as the base of their business.

With the rapid development of Internet for business and social media, the expectations for digital business are higher than ever. Yet, many companies often assume that they are still doing well without being digital. On this infographic, you will learn the reason why every business can benefit from a strong digital strategy. Also, we will unfold the story behind five most popular myths of driving sales in the digital age.


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Coca Cola ‘The Fair Play Machine’: #ShareTheDerby

Do you still remember our last post about an interactive, football-themed vending machine sponsored by Pepsi? Almost similar with Pepsi’s campaign, Coca Cola has created a new promotion based on football fans rivalry.

Coca Cola strikes back again with another creative campaign. Introducing Coca Cola ‘The Fair Play Machine’: #ShareTheDerby. Following its #ShareTheGood campaign series, The Fair Play Machine  try to ‘reconcile’ the historic rivalry between two football fans in Milan, Italy: Inter Milan and AC Milan

On the 23rd December 2013 Coca-Cola placed two vending machines, one on each side of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza – commonly known as the San Siro. Both machines were connected in video and audio, so people on the end of them can interact each other. What made these machines special was that it was impossible to get a Coca-Cola for yourself. There was only one button, and by pressing it, you would send a Coke to the machine of the opposite team. This way, they could only get a free coke, if you shared one with people from a rival team.

Created on May 7th 2014, the promotional video has garnered more than 80K viewers on YouTube.

Can’t Buy My Love: How To Win Your Customers’ Heart (Slideshare)

Customers are the heart of every business and it is important for any serious businessman to win their customers’ heart.

What we will earn from customers love is traffic, attention, engagement, purchases, loyalty and referrals. In the SlideShare below, Rand Fishkin from Moz will explain how to earn from your marketing and your customers. Some tips offered are quite useful and inspiring.

Five Main Causes of Falling Rankings on Google


So here is the situation: you have given all of your best efforts on SEO and content marketing but your Google PageRank keep falling down. Internet marketers know this can be very frustrating, especially when their clients have been invested a big budget to get the best result.

There are some reasons why this can happen. Some are within our authority to fix, while others aren’t. Here are five biggest reasons behind the search engine ranking downfall.

1. Not Implementing the 3 Pillars of SEO

Content, links and social media are the three pillars in SEO. Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you find your rankings are consistently falling.

  1. Content Strategy: Are you consistently publishing properly-optimised, high-quality content, both on your own website and external publishers? Is your existing content optimised from a technical SEO standpoint? What keywords are your customers and website visitors searching for?

  1. Inbound Links: Are you using legitimate methods to build high quality links to your website? Or are you focusing on outdated link building methods that are ineffective, at best, and damaging, at worst? Is your focus on steadily building quality links to your site, or on getting as many links as possible, regardless of quality?

  1. Social Media: Are you actively sharing your content via social media? Have you implemented Google Authorship in order to build up your Author Rank and increase clickthroughs in the SERPs? Are you building strong social and brand signals by actively engaging with customers on social media? Are you building an audience? Social media is the great amplifier of SEO. If you aren’t investing in social media yet, it’s time to do so if you’re serious about competing in organic search results.

2. Your Competitors are Outspending You

SEO campaigns should not be performed all by itself. If you’re in a competitive niche, it’s likely that your competitors are spending a considerable amount of money on their SEO campaigns. So, even if you’re spending money on SEO, your rankings could actually drop if your competitors are spending more than you, and thus, climbing ahead of you in the rankings, pushing you down as a result.

This doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. It simply reflects an insufficient budget allocation compared to stiff competition. Keep in mind that large companies in lucrative industries may be spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each month on SEO and content marketing campaigns, along with hiring full in-house teams.

For smaller businesses with more limited budgets, try to focus your efforts on long-tail keywords. This will be far more effective and less costly than trying to compete with the big names on competitive keywords.

3. Your Competitors are Doing Better

Take a look at your competitors’ website and social media activities and see how are they doing in terms of:

  • Implementing the 3 pillars of SEO?

  • Engaging with their customers on social media?

  • Consistently creating high-quality content?

  • Getting more (or better) media mentions than you?

  • Properly optimising their website content?

  • Getting high-quality guest blogging opportunities?

Take a look at what your key competitors are doing well, and take the necessary steps to do it even better (where possible).

4. Bad SEO Efforts in The Past

Even though you may have geared up your SEO tactics and strategy now, it’s possible that outdated and spammy SEO practices in which you participated in the past are coming back to get you. This is most likely to be the main cause if you noticed a sudden drop in rankings at a specific point in time which correlates to a known Google algorithm change. To ensure you don’t continue to get penalised, clean up your site and links the best you can. Here is how:

  • Removing bad quality backlinks. Another effective way is disavow them if necessary.

  • Removing or rewriting poor-quality content from your site

  • Stop using hidden keywords or keyword stuffing

  • Changing the anchor text you use for internal linking to make it more natural

5. Natural Flow of Search Results

As with the stock market, rankings and algorithm fluctuations can change day-by-day, and even hour-by-hour. If you notice a slight drop in rankings, there’s likely no need to panic. As long as your overall trend is upward, you should not worry.

However, if you see a sudden drop in SERP, you may have a manual or algorithmic penalty. This case, you should take action as soon as possible by implementing the strategies outlined above to get you back on track.

The Best Social Media Tips From Top Enterprise Experts (Infographic)

How top brands succeed in social media? Here are the tips.

What do big names in social media marketing know that the rest of us might not be so clear about? If you are curious about the answer, then you might want to take a look at this infographic. We cited the best nine suggestions from some of the biggest names in the social media world.

They also hire the best social media agency in Sydney.


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IGA’s Latest Campaign: “Future Soccer Stars” with John Aloisi


One of our client, IGA, has launched its latest promotion “Future Soccer Stars”, a campaign which is designed to target local clubs and shoppers throughout the World Cup season, with a commercial fronted by retired soccer player, John Aloisi.

Created by Creative Oasis, the campaign features a commercial where Aloisi explaining what local clubs could win through the Future Soccers Club program, while a group of kids play soccer in the background.

Fergus Collins, CEO Metcash food and grocery supermarkets stated that the community the main target of this campaign. Furthermore, they are also excited to help kick start Australia’s young soccer stars as well as rewarded new and existing IGA shoppers.

“The largest participating sport in Australia is the junior ranks of soccer, and IGA’s Future Soccer Stars gives us the opportunity to tap into communities at a local level. We’re thrilled to be able to help support this growing sports industry.”

The commercial will be broadcast across TV, the campaign is supported across radio, digital, catalogues and in-store point of sale. Soccer clubs are also provided with a kit to help promote the campaign to their members. The grand prize is a $10,000 club grant and a personal training session coached by Alois. Customers can win other prizes by sharing photos of videos of what soccer means to them on Instagram, Twitter or Vine using the hashtag #igafuturestars.

14 Unique Personal Traits of Amiable Entrepreneurs


With the rise of social media these days, creating a good-looking imagery of yourself and your brand is a simple task. Yet a true, amiable personality can never be substituted with any kind of trickery.

On 1989, Stephen R. Covey has written a brilliant business and self-help book called “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. In this book, Covey introduced seven approach to become a more effective individual. The book has sold more than 15 million copies in 38 languages worldwide. In business, being a amiable person is as important as being effective. Nobody wants to make a deal with a grumpy businessman. In today’s post, we will share 14 unique personal traits of amiable entrepreneurs that you should possess. The first trait is:

1. Develop an emphatic mental attitude and let it be felt by people

We should agree that it’s easier to fall into cynicism. However, if you choose to be a positive person, you will set yourself up for success and have better reputations.

2. Speak in a careful, disciplined, friendly tone.

Shouting to people is a bad habit and you should avoid that. The best communicators speak deliberately and confidently, which gives their voice a pleasing sound.

3. Listen and pay attention to someone speaking to you

Using a conversation as an opportunity to lecture someone may feed the ego, but it never attracts people or makes friends. Instead, try to listen and try to grasp the important points of the conversation.

4. Be Calm

An overreaction to something either positive or negative can give a poor impression. Remember that silence may be much more effective than your swear words.

5. Be patient

Remember that proper timing of your words and acts may give you a big advantage over impatient people.

6. Keep open mind

Those who close themselves off from certain ideas and associate only with like-minded people are missing out on not only personal growth but opportunities for advancing their careers. Associate yourself with numerous ideas and opinions, so you can broaden your knowledge and build tolerance over people’s opinion.

7. Smile when speaking with others.

Did you know that president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s greatest asset was his “million-dollar smile,” which allowed people to lower their guards during conversation?

8. Not all of your thoughts need to be expressed

The most amiable person know that it’s not worth offending people by expressing all of their thoughts, even if they happen to be true.

9. Never procrastinate

Procrastination communicates to people that you’re afraid of taking action. This is one of the biggest reason behind ineffective person.

10. Do at least one good deed a day.

The best networkers help other people out without expecting anything in return.

11. Find a lesson in failure rather than brood over it.

People admire those who grow from failure rather than wallow in it. Express your gratitude for having gained a measure of wisdom, which would not have come without defeat.

12. Act as if the person they are speaking to is the most important person in the world.

The most amiable individual use conversations as a chance to learn about another person and give them a chance to talk.

13. Praise others in a genuine way without being excessive.

Praise the good traits of others, but don’t rub it on where it is not deserved or spread it too thickly.

14. Have someone you can trust to point out your flaws.

Successful people don’t pretend to be amiable; they are because they care about their conduct and reputation. Having someone who can be completely honest with you allows yourself to continue growing.

Macca’s FIFA World Cup Brasil Campaign


McDonald’s has preceded its competitors by launching the World Cup-themed products and promotions.

The campaign itself revolves around a new range of meals (mostly burgers) themed according to the countries competing in the competition. The ad feature a pair of Brazilian football commentators, where one of them is overly expressive and the other is quite calm, describing the ingredients for each meals; with Australia, Brazil and Spain all represented in different viands. Each burger from this campaign are coming in a “soccer ball bun”.

The Brazil Burger

The Spain Brekkie Wrap

And here is my personal favorite: The Australian Burger

The campaign was created by DDB Sydney.