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Getting More Share For Your Infographics With These Ten Practical Tips (Infographic)


Content sharing is the backbone of social media and viral campaign. Getting the content shared as many as possible is one goal every online business should strive for.

In this visual age, infographics are one popular method to provide information, data and statistics in a way which is easy to understand. Infographics are also appealing enough to share through multiple social media and marketing channels. However, having a wonderful infographic is pointless, except you know how to get your message out there quickly.

In today’s blog post, we provide an infographic that offers ten practical tips to get your infographic shared quicker than you may thought. What are you waiting for? Start grabbing the attention of your audience and encourage them to share your content right away.


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Twitter Analytics Are Now Available To All Users


It seems like Twitter doesn’t want to miss the party.

Following Instagram and Pinterest move, Twitter analytics now are accessible for regular users. This is definitely the next step, continuing from last month’s update when Twitter released analytic dashboard for marketers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers. The initial experiment was on June when Twitter began testing its analytics dashboard to users outside of its advertisers.

The new analytics dashboard lets users see how many impressions each tweet has received, how many times other users saw the tweet on their Twitter account, the number of favorites their tweet has received, how many times others have clicked on their profiles, and the number of retweets and replies on a certain tweet. It also shows how many times users engaged with a tweet and what that engagement was.

The statistics can be obtained by visiting


However, there are several In order to see these analytics, your account must be at least 14 days old. It cannot be deleted, restricted, protected or suspended account. Most of your tweets should be in English, French, Japanese or Spanish.

While many social media experts are not quite sure what Twitter is hoping users extract from these new statistics, the numbers are certainly useful for brands and individuals who want to better reach a larger audience. They assume that the “regular” Twitter user simply may not care about this feature. In the past, regular users relied on third party apps for all of their Twitter metrics. Creating analytics feature for regular users is definitely an interesting move for the social media company. It just a matter of time when the analytics will be integrated into the mobile apps.

Hyperlapse: A New Standalone App From Instagram


Brace yourself. The new fantastic stand alone app for Instagram has been released.

Lately, Instagram has released its latest time-lapse video app named Hyperlapse. The app allows Instagram users to easily make a time-lapse video without spending thousands of dollars on video equipment. Unlike Bolt andSlingshot, which have so far proved underwhelming, Hyperlapse is simple, elegant and useful.

“We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible,” said Instagram on one of its official blog post.

In fact, the app’s interface is ridiculously simple. Record a video, select a playback speed, save and share. No additional editing, tweaking or user account required. Here is an example of a video that was made with Hyperlapse:

Just like Vine, think of Hyperlapse as a new social media marketing tool. You can use this app to create a super short infomercial. Who knows? Your imagination is the limit.

The Basics of Local SEO For Business (Infographic)

In a previous post, we have discussed that local SEO is undeniably important for your business. Now, how to start managing your own local SEO strategy?

It may not be realistic to rank high in search results for certain queries if you have small business coverage. However, if you follow the infographic below on local SEO ranking factors, you might find your business at the top of the search results pages faster than you think.


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Digital Statistics: Twitch Is Amazon’s Second Biggest Acquisition….For Now


Amazon finally revealed its acquisition list.

Amazon pulled the veil out from under Google on Monday when the company purchased the famous video game streaming site,, for $US970 million in cash. Latest reports said Google would be the one buying Twitch, which was reportedly sought after by Yahoo as well.

The Twitch acquisition is a huge move for Amazon, yet it’s only the second-largest single purchase from the retail giant. Amazon’s biggest acquisition came in 2009, when it picked up Las Vegas-based online shoe shop Zappos, for a whopping $US1.2 billion. Of all of Amazon’s acquisition purchases, however, the most important may have been the 2012 acquisition of Kiva Systems, which created Amazon’s incredibly efficient systems for picking, packing, and shipping items from its gigantic warehouses to consumers’ doors.


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Pinterest Releases More Reliable Analytics For Its Platform


Pinterest is getting serious with their commitment to bring out the best of their platform for advertisers.

The company announced that the latest analytics tool for Pinterest is now available to businesses worldwide. With this tool, businesses can see detailed data on the number of users who engage with their pins as well as other information, such as what countries those users are from, what their interests are on the social network and off network data for those who have Pin It buttons installed on their websites.

“We’re pretty excited about this because it’s actually our first global business tool launch that we’re doing. We talk here at Pinterest a lot about the importance of the user experience and how the pinned side of the ecosystem is important to us. Businesses are equally and critically important to us as well. At a high level, we are super interested in content creators of any types and also SMBs getting value out of this. At the end of the day, what we are hoping is that these guys will be able to derive insights from the tool, inform their marketing strategies and ultimately help pinners have a better experience by optimizing the type of content,” said  Jason Costa, Pinterest’s Product Manager.

Initially, the analytics tool was available in a limited beta test with fewer than hundred participants. Now, anyone can take advantage of this new analytics tools, as long as you sign up for a business account on Pinterest.

Pinterest previously introduced a more rudimentary analytics platform, which the company expects to phase out over the next month. The new analytics tool comes at a time when its “visual” social media competitor, Instagram, has released its analytics platform with a set of goals: attracting more businesses and gaining dollars. However, Costa suggests advertising is not the primary incentive, at least not for now.

“This isn’t so much an advertising tool. It’s a free tool that is really meant to inform these guys how their organic strategy is working on the service. By and large, we are putting this out there to make sure these businesses are getting the insights that they need to make sure their marketing and product strategies are improving over time.”

Pinterest introduced its first ad product, promoted pins, late last year and expanded on that initiative more recently with the introduction of self-service ads. The social media channel is now valued at $5 billion and is viewed by some analysts as the next big social network that will go public, once it fixes its monetisation engine.

Sony Introduces Several Underwater Apps To Accompany Its Waterproof Smartphone Series


It looks like Sony has a lot of fun time creating some trivial apps to test their new waterproof feature.

So you already own one of those waterproof phone, yet what’s the point of that feature if you don’t have underwater apps? Yes, you read it right: underwater apps. Sony Experia marketing team feels the urge to release these special apps. The main purpose is to raise awareness of the technology. Thanks to the new ‘underwater detection’ sensors, the phone now will “know” when it’s underwater, not just being waterproof.

If you already have one of Sony’s waterproof smartphone, then the next thing you need to do is experimenting with its underwater apps. Here is the official promotional video from Sony:

Tech News & Info: WhatsApp Has Reached 600 Million Monthly Active Users


It looks like Facebook has made the right decision when purchased the popular mobile messaging application, WhatsApp, in February 2014 for US$ 19 million.

Now, according to a tweet fromWhatsApp CEO and co-founder Jan Koum, WhatsApp has more than 600 million monthly active users. That’s up from the roughly 450 million it had in February when Facebook announced its plan to acquire the app.


Previously, WhatsApp has garnered 500 million active user in April, thus it has added 100 million active users in just four months.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has alluded to the staggering growth rate in the original announcement of the acquisition, leading some to conclude that WhatsApp may be on pace to hit the 1 billion user mark more quickly than Facebook did.

With 600 million users, WhatsApp continues to lead the competition in the fast-growing messaging app battlefield. Free messaging and calling app WeChat revealed earlier this month that it had 438 million active users, while Line had around 235 million active users.

While WhatsApp acquisition has received regulatory approval in the U.S., it is still being reviewed in Europe. In its most recent earnings call, Facebook’s executives restated that they expect the deal to close later this year.

Remarketing And How To Incorporate It To Your Business (Infographic)

First of all, what is remarketing all about?

Basically, remarketing is a marketing technique that allows you to target users who have previously visited your website/blog with banner ads. You can use different marketing tools, such as social media, SEO and many more to bring a visitor to your website. Later on, you can use remarketing or retargeting method to bring the visitors back to your website when they are not buying anything and convert them into a sale.

Take a look at the following infographic that explains the importance of remarketing for your business.



Instagram Launches Its Own Customised Analytics For Advertisers


Recently, Instagram has launched a brand new, deeper analytics for its advertisers. The analytics are targeted to offer greater visibility into how their campaigns are performing on the network.

The metrics (just like impressions, reach and engagement) will provide data to marketers in real time. The program initially has been released to some ad partners, including Levi’s, Hollister and Taco Bell. The company plans to release the program to all potential advertisers in the coming months.

The desktop-based dashboard covers Facebook’s demographic information to let advertisers see an age and sex-based users data who are interacting with branded messages. In a staging area, marketers can also see how an ad will look on Instagram on a mobile phone.

Moreover, Instagram stated that the metrics are not only for advertising, but for organic posts as well. Advertisers can get a detailed view of all the ads and posts they have previously organised, which they can sort based on numerous categories such as impressions, likes and chronology. Another option enables marketers see a raw data feed, which they can use with custom data-sorting systems.

However, there is a little disappointment: Advertisers are unable to adjust ad campaigns on the fly. Unlike Facebook, they won’t be able to double down on an execution’s placement if it’s getting an unusual amount of interaction.

“The idea is to see which types of creative are working best. Our goal is to give brands the tools and insights they need to be really effective on Instagram,” said Jeff Kanter, the product manager for Instagram.