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The Power of Branding (Infographic)


Do you need your business to flourish? Then, apart from a great product, you must harness the power of branding.

Unlike most people think, branding is not just for the big companies with bigger budgets. If small businesses want to thrive amongst cut throat competition, then they need to embrace branding too. At first, branding for small business might be daunting. However, once you know your audience it can help you set the tone for all your communication to that audience. Get your audience to relate to your content and your message. Then the creation of this organic connection is valuable for your business and services.

For more info and tips, see the infographic below. 

the-power-of-branding-infographic Infographic credit: Missdetails

Picking The Most Suitable CMS For Your Blog (Infographic)


What CMS did you use for your blog?

If you’re going to be blogging regularly, then you will be in need to choose the right CMS. Using CMS is much better for helping your manage your content without having to know how to code. A CMS is your blog’s platform. There are various platforms that bloggers can use, but WordPress is the most approachable.

However, there are more options out there. Take a look at the infographic below for more popular CMS you can use for your blog.


Infographic credit: OnBlastBlog

The State of Retailer’s Social Media Engagement (Infographic)


Are retail brands ready for the social media holiday rush? Will they keep pace with their customers’ expectations and respond on social quickly?

With the coming of holiday season, the stakes are higher than ever for retailers, especially when National Retail Federation estimated that holiday sales will increase to $656 billion in 2016. In today’s post, we’ll present an infographic that examines how well Fortune 100 retail brands are engaging with consumers across social platforms.

The infographic reveals that the retail industry did well in interacting with their consumers, providing insights into the products they sold, posting content about getting the most from those products and often linking to promotions that can drive sales. As retail brands seek to garner attention from consumers during the holiday rush, it is crucial for them to engage, listen and respond to customers on social media. In fact, Twitter found that customers are willing to spend up to 20% more with a brand if that brand responds to their social media activities.

Take a look at the complete data at the infographic below.


Infographic credit: Lithium

Eight Useful Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses (Infographic)


Doing a good job on social media marketing requires a lot of time, patience, knowledge and commitment.

If you’re able to master these four characteristics, there’s no reason you can’t separate yourself from the rookie social media marketers. To make sure you’re using your social media time wisely, here are eight social media hacks you should know about:


Infographic credit: NFIB

Social media can be a big time waster if you don’t invest your time to learn what works best for your business. Hopefully, eight little hacks above can save you time and help propel your business to the next level.

How To Organise A Professional_Looking Email Campaign (Infographic)


Email marketing is often seen as outdated marketing method. However, the fault is not on the system but on the people.

Most people will find it irritating when they keep getting email notifications despite unsubscribing. Things get worse when they find a string of spams from the sites they haven’t even subscribed to.

When it comes to email marketing, not many have succeeded in finding a niche in its marketing strategy. And those who have, are still riding high on its open rate success. Though it is the oldest forms of marketing, email marketing can never go outdated. It reaches a large number of readers and if it strikes the right cord, brings a tremendous value from click-through rates.

So, what is it that has made only a few to succeed in email marketing and others to fail? What is it that others have missed? Take a look at the infographic below for important factors on how to conduct a professional-looking email marketing campaign.


Infographic credit: On Blast Blog

Google AI Experiment: Quick, Draw!

google-ai-quick-draw Google’s latest innovation involves neural network guessing your doodle under 20 seconds.

With Artificial Intellegence (AI) becoming more and more common to most business plans, Google is showing just how good they can be at this particular area. One of the result is “Quick, Draw!”, a simple and fun project to ensure everyone knows they are in the box seat.

Basically, “Quick, Draw!” is a game that challenges you to draw different objects, while Google tries to guess them instantly as you continue to complete the picture. It’s amazing how close the computer guess your drawing. Here is the video.


Snap Inc Opens The First Spectacles Store


With the first store opening, you might want to see a lot more Snapchat’s Spectacles on people’s faces very soon.

Snapchat’s latest invention, Spectacles (which enables users to record and upload video content direct from their sunglasses) has been generating a heap of buzz, due in no small part to Snapchat’s (or Snap Inc’s) hype-fueling marketing strategy of dropping their Snapbot vending machines in random locations, with no notification given on where the bots will be next.

To help track them down, Snapchat has added an interactive map to the Spectacles website, but even that’s been of little use, as the bright yellow vending machines have been selling out so fast that it’s almost pointless to travel to them unless you can get there with the first group.


And while this serves a purpose in driving anticipation and demand for their latest offering, it also makes sense for Snapchat to capitalise on the existing interest now. That’s why they’ve opened their first Spectacles store in NYC.


The store is on the southeast corner of Central Park, opposite the Apple store, and it’s hard to miss with its distinctive “yellow eye” frontage.

Inside, there’s a single Snapbot vending machine – but the key difference here is that the machine is being re-filled regularly, and will remain in place from now until New Year’s Eve, which should give plenty of people an opportunity to ‘snap’ them up (rather than having to buy them off eBay for thousands).

As noted, Spectacles have triggered a huge amount of hype, with tech enthusiasts and fans eager to get their hands on a pair. And given they’re selling for a comparatively cheap $130 a pop, you can image that a lot of Spectacles are going to be lighting up across NYC over the holiday season.

How To Master Community Management (Infographic)


Unlike common assumption, your followers actually listen to your business. They are always curious about the newest releases. That’s why a social media manager is enough to maintain good CRM.

However, spreading your brand awareness to the people who are not your followers and making them as your followers is not possible by being a brand on social media. To achieve it with a human touch, your business needs a community manager indeed. Their job is not just hanging out on social media and blow your trumpet.

Community management is a great responsibility that deals with propagating your business on the social community. Ideally, every business should have a community manager in their social media marketing team. Don’t know where to start? Worry no more. You’ll find


Infographic credit: Vanilla Forums

Pinterest: The Trending Gift for Holidays (Infographic)


There are now more than 150 million people logging onto Pinterest each month, conducting over 66 million searches per day across the more than 75 billion Pins.

That’s a lot of data to sort through – and given that the majority of Pins relate to specific brands and products, Pinterest is in a perfect position to oversee the latest product trends and what’s gaining momentum and consumer interest.

This is particularly relevant over the holidays, when everyone’s looking to purchase that exact right gift for their friends and loved ones, many of whom they don’t have regular contact with. And even if they are communicating regularly, that still doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to get that exact right thing they’re after.

Utilising this vast data set, Pinterest has created this new infographic which looks at what products are gaining the most momentum on the network in five different categories: Technology, Homewares, Travel, Kids and General Trends. You might find valuable gems inside to use for your following Pinterest marketing. Check it out.


Infographic credit: Pinterest

How To Use Multimedia Content For Marketing Purpose (Infographic)


Most web surfers, especially Generation Y, are fond of easily consumed content instead of text-based one.

Most people also would rather to get the information laid out visually in an infographic. The truth is, everyone is going to have different preferences since we learn differently. That’s why we should not limit themselves to producing text content alone. While blog posts are much cheaper to make than a video or an infographic, you have to agree that multimedia content is an essential part of today’s content marketing strategies, especially for small businesses.

Multimedia content can help boost your conversion rates and change how users interact with your social media accounts. Competing for people’s attention is difficult, and because the human brain processes visual information much more quickly than it processes text information, multimedia content is a fantastic way to attract potential customers. That doesn’t mean you have to overspend to create great multimedia content. Certainly you’ll need to set aside a budget for some high-quality multimedia content, but it’ll be worth your while in the long run.

Learn all you can about multimedia content so that you know who to hire and where to invest your dollars. Free information online will teach you about the different styles of multimedia content so that you can decide how to best spend your content marketing budget. Even simple videos answering frequently asked questions or giving how-to advice are great resources for small businesses to produce. Scroll down to check out a handy CopyPress infographic covering the styles of multimedia content and showing how to choose the style that will fit your business’s needs best.


Infographic credit: CopyPress