The State of Retailer’s Social Media Engagement (Infographic)


Are retail brands ready for the social media holiday rush? Will they keep pace with their customers’ expectations and respond on social quickly?
With the coming of holiday season, the stakes are higher than ever for retailers, especially when National Retail Federation estimated that holiday sales will increase to $656 billion in 2016. In today’s post, we’ll present … Continue reading “The State of Retailer’s Social Media Engagement (Infographic)”

Eight Useful Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses (Infographic)


Doing a good job on social media marketing requires a lot of time, patience, knowledge and commitment.
If you’re able to master these four characteristics, there’s no reason you can’t separate yourself from the rookie social media marketers. To make sure you’re using your social media time wisely, here are eight social media hacks you should … Continue reading “Eight Useful Social Media Hacks For Small Businesses (Infographic)”

How To Organise A Professional_Looking Email Campaign (Infographic)


Email marketing is often seen as outdated marketing method. However, the fault is not on the system but on the people.
Most people will find it irritating when they keep getting email notifications despite unsubscribing. Things get worse when they find a string of spams from the sites they haven’t even subscribed to.
When it comes to email marketing, … Continue reading “How To Organise A Professional_Looking Email Campaign (Infographic)”

Google AI Experiment: Quick, Draw!


Google’s latest innovation involves neural network guessing your doodle under 20 seconds.
With Artificial Intellegence (AI) becoming more and more common to most business plans, Google is showing just how good they can be at this particular area. One of the result is “Quick, Draw!”, a simple and fun project to ensure everyone knows they are in the box seat.
Basically, “Quick, Draw!” is a … Continue reading “Google AI Experiment: Quick, Draw!”

Snap Inc Opens The First Spectacles Store


With the first store opening, you might want to see a lot more Snapchat’s Spectacles on people’s faces very soon.
Snapchat’s latest invention, Spectacles (which enables users to record and upload video content direct from their sunglasses) has been generating a heap of buzz, due in no small part to Snapchat’s (or Snap Inc’s) hype-fueling marketing strategy … Continue reading “Snap Inc Opens The First Spectacles Store”

How To Master Community Management (Infographic)


Unlike common assumption, your followers actually listen to your business. They are always curious about the newest releases. That’s why a social media manager is enough to maintain good CRM.
However, spreading your brand awareness to the people who are not your followers and making them as your followers is not possible by being a brand … Continue reading “How To Master Community Management (Infographic)”

How To Use Multimedia Content For Marketing Purpose (Infographic)


Most web surfers, especially Generation Y, are fond of easily consumed content instead of text-based one.
Most people also would rather to get the information laid out visually in an infographic. The truth is, everyone is going to have different preferences since we learn differently. That’s why we should not limit themselves to producing text content alone. While blog … Continue reading “How To Use Multimedia Content For Marketing Purpose (Infographic)”