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Google: Year in Search 2016


2016 seems to be a great year for online business.

The famous year in review from Google, with news coverage of some of the world’s most inspiring and shocking stories, this is Google’s “Year in Search” video for 2016. Starting slightly on the darker side, the film manages to find the brighter side of the world and highlights a message of hope for the future. Enjoy.

6 Amazing Google+ Tips For Elevating Your Business Promotion


It’s undeniable that social media is one of the most effective promotion for businesses.

Google+ is a feature rich platform at par with other leading social media websites. However, as it is with Google the visibility and a complete package of services makes it an interesting, under-utilised but a significant player.

Google+ has a strong international following. In India 80 percent of internet users have a Google+ account, and almost 40 percent are regularly active on it. In today’s post, we will share six tips on how to maximise your Google+ account for business promotion. We’ll start with:

1. Sign Up A Google+ Business Listing Account


Probably the most important feature of Google+, the Business Listings is a crucial tool for local business owners and service providers. To have your business/service enlisted on Google+ significantly improves search visibility. Other benefit to this service is that, it allows customers to call you, find directions to your business place and also check out your verified website. The customer can see all the information at one place.

It improves customer interaction as well. Your business’ listing allows your business’ photos and YouTube videos to feature on your page, which is easily accessible by customers. Customers can also leave comments or reviews for your services right on your business page. This will enable you to get feedback and work on them quickly.

2. Create And Add People To Your Circles

Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles offers an effective way to selectively segregate your contacts and share content and updates with them. Your contacts can be branched down as – friends, customers, business partners, affiliates or influencers you follow

It is a handy tool that can send an email with updates to a large number of people. This can be a tedious task using Gmail as the mailer comes with a few restrictions of its own, one being the number of recipients you can choose for your updates.

3. Create And Join Communities


Just like we have our own communities of people we meet and talk to, Google+ Communities offers the users a similar experience virtually. Google+ Communities is a solution for people who would like to meet other people sharing the same interests, ideas, passion or cause.

As quoted by Google spokesperson, Guy Kawasaki, “Communities have transformed Google+ into a more deeply connected environment; people’s favorite communities have become a starting point for their Google+ activity each day. Whether you are representing your brand with a passion, Google+ Communities are a great way to connect with like-minded people.

Also it is a great way to network with people who like your business or share ideas on your cause. It may also be something related to hobbies, interests or even a fan following. Photography communities are wildly popular and are a great way for professionals and beginners to network with other photographers or just learn a lot.

4. Create And Categorise Content Through Collections


Collections offer a hassle free way to organise your posts in chosen topics. What this means is that, all the content that you share on Google+ can be categorised under a collection relevant to the topic. With using social media scheduling tool like SocialPilot you can easily schedule your post in advance on multiple Google+ collections at once and that saves your lots of time and efforts.

In fact, it is rightly so. Surveys show that business owners have seen drastic change in flow of traffic to their pages or websites once their collections had been featured. If you have a business page, this might be the first step you need to take in terms of creating your presence on the online platform.

Collections offer you the freedom to share what you want. Business people could share photos of their products or services while an NGO could showcase their campaigns. Something simpler could be a collection of books that you’re reading. In this case, it is your imagination that limits you. The audience needs to connect to the topic of your collection and your work.

5. Create A Hangout


Hangouts by far have been Google+’s most popular online tool since its inception. It was well received by business professionals, politicians, creative professionals, marketers, youth and perhaps everyone caught up to it. It provides great functionality and connects to the audience in a more intimate way.

Today, Hangouts are much more than chat box messengers. They are being used as tools to create and promote events. It could be a webinar, a product launch, a political Q&A or even a conversation on a topic of interest. Business professionals use it for video conferencing. Families use it to connect to loved one across the world. What Hangouts does is it reaches out and connects to people/audience and engages them on social media.

Hangouts and Hangouts on Air could not have come in the market at a more beneficial time. It is no surprise that they are the most popular services of Google. In an age where video and audio interface and communication is all the rage, Hangouts is bound to see a rise. This benefits business professionals and event managers as well.

6. Network With Influencers


One of the many perks of Google+ is that it allows you to discover, connect and build relationships on a more personal level. Big time industrial influencers are handy assets to have in association if you plan to take your business anywhere. You can find and add influencers to your circles through Communities. Like, follow and share their posts to get noticed by these influencers. Feature their posts in your collections.

Although Google+ never became quite as popular as Facebook or any other social media tools, and neither will it in the near future, it still is a valuable tool for digital marketers and business influencers to attract an audience. It delivers a solid punch and what’s more, you don’t have to pay to market your products or business here.

Google AI Experiment: Quick, Draw!

google-ai-quick-draw Google’s latest innovation involves neural network guessing your doodle under 20 seconds.

With Artificial Intellegence (AI) becoming more and more common to most business plans, Google is showing just how good they can be at this particular area. One of the result is “Quick, Draw!”, a simple and fun project to ensure everyone knows they are in the box seat.

Basically, “Quick, Draw!” is a game that challenges you to draw different objects, while Google tries to guess them instantly as you continue to complete the picture. It’s amazing how close the computer guess your drawing. Here is the video.


Google Has Changed The Game, Have You?


Are you feeling scared this Halloween: Is the prospect of looking at your SEOreport unnerving?

Google is changing and has changed a lot over the last decade, especially in the last two years, as a result how they rank websites in organic search has evolved. Our clients know that at TWMG we stay on-top of the game, but these changes mean older websites need to be updated and that we are now firmly in a mobile first digital environment. Google is a complex and complicated search engine and it’s main purpose – apart from making money now that it is a public company – is to serve up the most relevant search results on the most user friendly platforms.

The main drivers for these Google changes are:

  1. To combat ‘black-hat’ spammy SEO tactics
  2. To improve user experience by ranking sites that work on mobile devices and are accessible for people with disabilities

Much like Google has changed its products around continuously over the last years – Google Apps to GSuite etc, etc. They also do so with their SEOalgorithm changes, in fact they make around 500-600 adjustments per year. Most of these are minor tweeks but in 2015 and 2016 we saw a number of ‘game changers’ – these are massive updates in terms of how Google ranks websites.

Upgrades over the last years include: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and ‘Mobilegeddon’ (See infographic)

It PAYS to know the latest digital trends:

  • Over 90% of Australian internet searches are in Google.
  • 2015 & 2016 has seen a radical shift in how Google ranks websites.
  • 2016: Penguin 4.0 has dropped – some results could take time, as Google re-crawls the entire web, but a big change is coming.

Sources: Google & MOZ

*Google is part of Alphabet Inc

If you would like to discuss these points in more detail, then click here and get in touch, and we can give you a call back at a time that suits you.

The Evolution of Google Algorithm from 2010 to 2016 (Infographic)


Google is widely known as the most advanced and complicated search engine on Earth.

One of the reason is the fact that Google is constantly updating its search algorithm. While Google wants to become a better and dependable search engine site among its competitors, the changes often puzzle online marketers and fellow SEO practitioners. The source of most SEO and marketing headaches: the ever-changing Google search algorithm. That’s why we present the infographic below, which will be hopefully put a little more sense into what Google’s thinking every time it updates its core algorithm. However, despite all of these updates, there is two points Google want to deliver: high-quality content and great user experience.

Take a look at the following infographic for more detailed information.

google algorithm

Infographic credit: Conductor

Google ‘Pixel’: The Next Nexus


Google is going to launch the latest smartphone named ‘Pixel’.

Built in partnership with HTC, the Pixel certainly has several similarities of the One A9 about it. It’s rounded, with a flat back and it is built from a mixture of metal and glass accents. It’s nice, but it’s not gorgeous. Its simplicity wouldn’t thrill those who seek for the “wow”factors. It comes in three colours, each of which has a peculiar names: Very Silver, Quite Black and Really Blue.

Take a look at Pixel’s promotional video below:


12 Google Facts Every SEO Marketers Should Know (Infographic)


If you want to get a better performance on SEO, you might want to learn more about Google.

Having an up-to-date digital marketing strategy is indispensable, and while it’s important to consider every platform when crafting your content strategy, marketers would be wise to put particular focus on Google.

Consider the following three Google facts:

  • There are over 2.3 million searches conducted each minute on Google
  • 89% of decision making begins with online search
  • One in six people on the planet use Google, which controls 83% of global search market share

Born at the genesis of the Internet revolution, Google has become the ultimate paragon for consumer research. Today, the term “Google it” is colloquially defined as “conducting a web search”. Google has changed marketing forever, and is still redefining the boundaries.

Here are few Google facts that will make or break your SEO.


Infographic credit: Search Decoder

Introducing Google Trips


After “Shop The Look” and “Duo”, Google is releasing another app called “Trips”.

Created to give you everything you need to have the best holiday ever, “Trips” is an online/offline app that helps you plan your perfect trip, while suggesting local events, places to eat, things to do and all the best activities and experiences in that area. Along with all of the aforementioned features, this app is also equipped with downloadable off-line content.

However, the biggest catch is the user’s data. Now, Google will know exactly when, where and how long you’re going. Then you’ll know when you get there. It’s a re-targeting and contextualised dream for Google to sell to marketers. Take a look at the promotional video below.

Google’s “Shop The Look” Is The Future Of Window Shopping


Google is already known as a handy and reliabletool to find ideas for your next great outfit. Now, it’s looking to make it easier to shop for finds with an interesting new feature.

The company describes its new Shop the Look experience as follows: When you search for an outfit with query like ‘cocktail attire’, Google will surface a photo of a fashion blogger wearing a cocktail dress and accessories to go with it; you can then check out those exact products, or similar looking ones through relevant Shopping ads.

Google states that the images it will feature in its Shop the Look experience will come from brands, bloggers and retailers that it’s partnered with, such as and Polyvore. It’s currently testing the feature on mobile devices in the US.

It’s certainly an interesting approach: In addition to its powerful search capabilities, Google also has the ability to network extensively with bloggers and brands to cover just about every fashion query people can come up with. That negates the need for users to download apps from multiple stores and search through each of them separately, while also scoring big bucks for Google.

Google Duo, The Latest Video-Calling App From Google


It might be a little bit late of the race, but finally Google has released its own “personalised” video-calling app, which aptly named ‘Duo’.

With the initial release of Google Duo last month, it is probably safe to say that Google might want to challenge Apple’s FaceTime in video-calling market. The app is available for both iOS and Android users, so it probably has the best shot of getting everyone on board. Also, the app is super simple and very easy to use. It’s almost like the no-frills version of FaceTime, which for many, might be working just fine. Take a look at the Google Duo promotional video below and decide for yourself.

You can get Google Duo here.