55 Reasons Why Content Marketing Can Help Your Business (Infographic)


With over 85% of all marketers worldwide now using content marketing to get more engagement and sales, no wonder that businesses focus more and more on how content is created, consumed and published. If you intend to do the same, you will find some facts on how content marketing can help your business in the … Continue reading “55 Reasons Why Content Marketing Can Help Your Business (Infographic)”

38 Important E-Commerce Statistics in 2017 (Infographic)


Nowadays, purchasing product means buying online.
However, you may be surprised to learn that e-commerce sales account for just 8% of total retail sales in the US and just 14% of retail sales in the UK. That being said, while e-commerce is a promising industry with trillions of dollars being spent, there’s still a huge potential … Continue reading “38 Important E-Commerce Statistics in 2017 (Infographic)”

Why YouTube Matters To Marketing? (Infographic)


While video is on the rise across basically all the major social platforms, YouTube remains the leader in online video.
While Facebook and YouTube are racing for more influence, both of them serve largely alternate purposes. Facebook’s currently aligned to more casual video viewing, where YouTube is a more dedicated consumption experience.
That said, while you look to add … Continue reading “Why YouTube Matters To Marketing? (Infographic)”

Digital World in 2017: A Global Overview (Infographic)


Are you ready to revamp your digital strategy in 2017?
Social media is an ever-evolving set of skills, best practices, and platforms. The social networking platform companies are continually rolling out new features as they compete for an ever-dwindling commodity—our time. However, if you take a look at social media statistics, you can get an idea … Continue reading “Digital World in 2017: A Global Overview (Infographic)”

The Three Types of Thought Leadership in LinkedIn (Infographic)


Thought leadership is how more of today’s brands get noticed and gather more influence.
However, there is no single magic bullet for success. Choosing which ingredients go into your content marketing calls for a look at your overall strategy. Taking a high-level overview can help you identify any gaps in your brand’s influence and create the thought leadership you … Continue reading “The Three Types of Thought Leadership in LinkedIn (Infographic)”

SlideShare: How To Make It Work For Your Business (Infographic)


If you haven’t realised it yet, SlideShare is more than just a website for presenters and speakers.
Simply put, the company is a social media platform where all professionals can upload presentations, documents, videos, and infographics, and people from every industry have found success on the site. In fact, SlideShare has five times the traffic from … Continue reading “SlideShare: How To Make It Work For Your Business (Infographic)”

Facebook Ads: The Complete Guide of 2017 (Infographic)


Facebook premium ad is one of the easiest way to introduce your products to your customers. However, mastering it is not as easy as it sounds.
This Facebook ad targeting guide created by the Facebook advertising agency AdvertiseMint gives advertisers a quick and easy glimpse of Facebook’s 850 ad targeting options. With the information contained in … Continue reading “Facebook Ads: The Complete Guide of 2017 (Infographic)”