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McDonald’s Has Decided To Continue The Loaded Fries Saga with #FryFlix


It looks like McDonald’s “Loaded” campaign has gone viral.

The multinational fast food company has just released a follow up campaign that is billed as ‘world’s biggest crowd-directed short film starring fries’ named #Fryflix. It has unveiled the final piece of its Loaded Fries #Fryflix marketing campaign, a short film which was directed by fans of the brand on its Facebook page.

The fast food firm is claiming it had nearly 3.5m contributions to the film Loaded, which was created by VML Sydney to support the above-the-line push from DDB Sydney for the new food offering. The six-minute long film, released on Christmas Day, sees Detective Joe Fry searching for the missing Howard Spudly, leading him to ‘The Sauce Boys’ who are linked to mysterious disappearances of local fries. So far it has had 1.2m views on Facebook.

Building A Solid Audience Trust To Your Company


Whenever a business fails to connect with its audience and turn a profit, almost always, the missing ingredient is customer trust.

Whether a website serves ads or sells a product or service, in order for a visitor to spend enough time on it to make a decision that will lead to the kind of outcome the website owner expects, a series of internal events have to take place. At the point where an article is read, a piece of information is consumed or a product or service is bought a connection has been made. That connection is the result of a nearly subconscious decision to accept a relational bond between the site and the online visitor. No relational exchange or indeed bond of any kind can take place without trust, however tentative, being present. The presence of trust is the direct result of a four-step trust building approach that underpins it in every situation:

  • Contact
  • Perception
  • Assessment
  • Connection


The factors that can lead to a business underperforming and a website not working properly can come under many different labels: technical issues, design problems but practically all of them feed into the “Contact” and “Perception” stages of the four-step trust-building approach.

It really is about building a relationship. It doesn’t matter whether the connection to be made is between a person and a website or an algorithm or a machine. The moment there is a connection that needs to be made, we are talking about a relationship which also means that we then have a relational exchange of values taking place which will happen (or not) only if trust is there.

Consider, for example, the case of Google’s driverless cars. They are governed by complex algorithms powered by neural networks running deep learning architecture can perform flawlessly in almost any driving condition. They do not tire, their attention does not wane, they are not significantly affected by changes to the driving conditions and they do not suddenly forget driving laws. Despite this perfection when it comes to performing certain tasks in traffic they, currently, fail.

What stops them from performing perfectly is trust. When we are in traffic, despite the perception of individuals isolated within their cars, we are all connected in a complex network of intent (our destination), activity (we all driving), environment (the road network) and heuristics (the way we each use the rules of driving). All of this makes for a potent mix of relational exchanges that subconsciously take place all the time.

In order to change speed and lane and overtake a vehicle for instance we have to have a clear understanding of the capabilities of each car, the conditions of the road, the speed limit, the intention of other drivers around us, their ability to correctly understand what we are doing and give us space plus the possibility of their being less than perfectly attentive to their driving and not seeing us. Trust in others plays a significant element in our decision making. It is trust (or rather the lack of it), that funnily enough stops the perfectly driven driverless cars from being perfect drivers.

Where driverless cars fail is that they operate exactly the way we don’t: they’re in total sync with the technicalities of the road, the traffic conditions and the requirements for perfectly safe driving but they are in total isolation in relation to everybody else around them. Being machines in a sea of humans they fail to connect at the empathic level which allows us to predict what is irrational behavior: someone cutting in front of us without signaling, a car undertaking us on a lane which they shouldn’t, drivers that slow down to give us space in their lane when there is nothing in the driving code that says they should.


The example of Google’s driverless cars also shows how businesses often go wrong. Erroneously thinking that what customers value above all else is perfection they try hard to project a sleek, faceless fad they hope will project quiet efficiency and elicit trust, forgetting that what we really value is a human to human connection that will take into account the quirks of being human.

All of which brings us back to that moment when a visitor lands on your website and experiences, for the first time your online business. Great content, perfect information and a sleek design are OK, but if you are looking to connect, for the first time with a prospect then you need to ask a simple question: do the four steps of trust-building mentioned above project the humanity of your business? And if they do is there a way for a connection to be made? Is there a particular style, tone and character in the way you do business that will help humanize the experience? By answering these questions, you will get to the real reasons behind your efforts.

14 Popular Topics Most Australians Talked About in 2015


Beside cat photos, Facebook users in Australia are also interested in onion eating prime ministers, same-sex marriage and Mars.

To explore your Australian curiosity a little bit more, Facebook has compiled a list of the most-discussed topics and most-shared check-ins in its 2015 year in review. Take a look at the list below. You might find some surprises.

1. Tony Abbott


Tony Abbott eating a raw brown onion at Charlton Farm Produce in Tasmania in March, 2010.

2. Malcolm Turnbull and leadership spill


Turnbull after the vote that won him Australia’s prime ministership with his deputy leader, Julie Bishop.

3. ANZAC Day 100th anniversary


An Australian serviceman walks between graves during a dawn ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day at the Australian National Memorial on April 25, 2015 in Villers-Bretonneux, northern France.

4. Bali Nine executions


Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran behind bars.

5. Syrian civil war and refugee crisis

Greece Migrants

Syrian refugees disembark on the Greek island of Lesbos after crossing the Aegean sea on a dinghy from the Turkish coast, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015. More than 819,000 people have crossed by sea this year.

6. Nepal earthquake

Nepal: Aftermath of Earthquake in Nepal

People walk pass a collapsed house in Sankhu, Kathmandu on May 16.

7. Paris attack

France - Paris Terror Attacks Aftermath

18 Nov 2015, Paris, France —- The National Assembly lit up in red, white and blue, the colours of the national flag in tribute to the victims of the November 13 Paris terror attacks.

8. Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather Jr. hits Manny Pacquiao during their title fight on May 2 in Las Vegas.

9. Fight against ISIS

Islamic State fighter.

A fighter waving the Islamic State flag while standing on a captured government fighter jet in Raqqa, Syria, this year.

10. Adam Goodes


Adam Goodes of the Sydney Swans walks from the ground after the First AFL Semi Final on Sep. 19.

11. Same-sex marriage debate


Photo taken on Aug. 9, 2015 shows supporters of same-sex marriage shouting slogans as they take part a rally and march in Sydney.

12. Mars


A fresh crater on Mars.

13. Bronwyn Bishop expenses scandal


The recently ousted parliamentary speaker Bronwyn Bishop during question time at Parliament House on Aug. 11, 2015 in Canberra, Australia.

14. Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran performed in Brisbane, Nov. 2015.

15 Epic Businesses Rip Off That Might Knock Your Socks Off

In 2015, everything can happened in the business world. One of the most serious problem that big names in business are facing is the shameless the countless number of name rip-offs all around the globe.

Whoever opened these stores has obviously never heard of a thing called ‘copyright’ or maybe they have and don’t give a damn about what people think. Roosevelt has famously stated “no man is above the law and no man is below it”, yet these people are doing pretty well job to avoid getting the consequence. Take a look at these pictures with a grain of salt.

1. 7 – Elephant


2. Gualmart


3. Red Castle


4. Restaurant Taco Bell


5. Owega



6. La Casa Del Whooper



7. Burger Queen


8. Burro King


9. Aerocrombie



10. McIndian



11. Star F***s


12. Donkey Donuts



13. H&M Davad Enterprises


14. McTorta’s


15. Pizza Hat


Introducing: Shopping Ads From YouTube


YouTube videos will be more appealing for sellers with the new ad unit today called Shopping ads.

YouTube has been moving in this direction for the past few months, with the introduction of Cards for related content (including merchandise) and the launch of TrueView for shopping, which allows advertisers to automatically turn their Google merchant data into product cards.

“While both of these features are great for making advertiser videos more shoppable, Shopping ads bring this functionality to all videos on YouTube,” the company says.

The point is, Google really wants advertisers to promote their products on YouTube, allowing consumers to start the purchase process directly from those videos. So if you’re watching something on YouTube, you might start seeing an info icon on the upper right corner of the video. Clicking on the icons will bring up related Cards, including any product ads, and clicking on the ads will take you to the merchant website.


That’s a different approach from the recently announced Purchases On Google, where mobile advertisers can direct consumers to Google-hosted product pages. Google says this will run similarly to Shopping ads on Google Search, with an auction model, targeting based on context and audience. Hopefully the ads will be relevant to you and related in some way to the video you’re watching and advertisers only paying when a viewer clicks through to their website.

YouTube says product videos (such as reviews and tutorials) have seen 40 percent viewership growth in the past year. These kinds of ads are a natural way to make money on those videos. While Google is making the announcement as part of Advertising Week, it says testing will start this fall.

7 Important Excel Tricks You Need To Know (Infographic)

Becoming familiar with various features in Excel can definitely improve productivity and effective way of compiling data.

Latest research revealed that 78 percent of middle-skill jobs required the employee to have digital literacy skills meaning that anyone who might not be completely up with how to use the required software and tools may lose out on getting the job. 67 percent of those jobs demanded specific expertise in Excel and Word software. For any office workers looking for career progression, then keeping on top of all things digital is extremely important. Have a look at the infographic below and learn Excel’s features.


Infographic credit: Best STL Microsoft Training.

A Simple Personality Test: What Did You See First?


The following test will show you how your interpretation of the world influences your character.

It’s as simple as telling the very first thing you see in the pictures below can help to reveal a lot about your character. Just pick and choose your way through the following seven pictures and find out what they reveal about your inner self.


A) A face
B) Apples
C) A person sitting


A) A car
B) A person with binoculars
C) The letter ‘A’


A) Bowling pins
B) Footprints
C) Nesting dolls


A) An apple
B) A butterfly
C) A knife


A) A face
B) A dog
C) A precipice


A) A crocodile
B) Mountains and water
C) People in a boat


A) A whale
B) The Moon and light on the water
C) A person surfing

The Test Result

If most of your answers are A

The main things in life for you are your intuition, wisdom, joy, satisfaction and curiosity. The world for you is full of mystery, and is made up of so many different things, situations and people which are all constantly stimulating your imagination. Your life is painted in a multitude of beautiful colours, and you’re always looking at it through the prism of creativity. You can turn anything that happens to you into something positive, and you never look for simple answers to life’s questions.

If most of your answers are B

You are a person who is very normal in his attitudes, behavior and relationships with people. You get along well without effort. People naturally like you, and you are not overly critical of them or yourself. You are neither overly conventional nor overly individualistic. Your prevailing mood is one of optimism and constructive effort, and you are not troubled by periods of depression, psychosomatic illness or nervous symptoms.

If most of your answers are C

You appear to be a cheerful, well-balanced person. You may have some alternation of happy and unhappy moods, but they are not extreme now. You have few or no problems with your health. You are sociable and mix well with others. You are adaptable to social situations. You tend to be adventurous. Your interests are wide. You are fairly self-confident and usually think clearly.

sense8: A Symphony Created From Your Brainwave?


A musical piece that was created from human brainwave? If you find categorising this as “science fiction”, then you definitely need to read on.

Recently, Netflix has created an experiment the connects 8 random people together to create a synced piece of music available on Spotify. The fans had to binge-watch the show before participating in the Brainwave Symphony Experiment. Linked with sensors, their recorded brainwaves were used to compose a piece of original music: a tangible artistic manifestation of their connection (sense8 style). With all eight strangers experiencing common responses to the stimuli, demonstrating the mental threads they shared with the rest of the group. Take a look at the video below.

The 19 Paths to Extraordinary Growth (Infographic)

Recently, many business startups crave for a way to grow in accelerated ways. Sadly, most of them fail terribly.

Why? Well, the biggest reason is the big number of (sometimes false) information they’ve seen or heard about. It’s not they are trying too many things. It’s more about prioritising them.

In the following infographic, you will find 19 ways you can try to push traffic and assist you in deploying your business. Why is prioritising the information such a big thing? It has to do with having a sensible approach, on the channels that will completely raise your business.


Click to Enlarge

Infographic credit: Growth Rock.

Father And Son Took The Same Picture For 28 Years – Until The Last One


The art of photography is a strange thing. It makes us contemplate, connect and feel the experience we’ve never experienced before.

Many people think photograph is the preservation of memory. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. The photo will remain the same each time to you look at it, but memories change over time. If you look at your old high school graduation photograph, for instance, you might recolour and change that memory because of your current perspective, new ideas that you have or things that you’ve learned afterwards. Human memory is much more dynamic than photographs are capable of.

However, it doesn’t mean you need to stop taking photos. Photographs are still valuable tools that can provide “lingering, everlasting cuing properties” later on. Instead, it would be better to be more mindful when taking pictures in the first place.

We have no slightest ideas that the new technology is serving the functions of preserving memories quite as well, unless you take the extra step and actually look at the photos, and revive those memories from them. Take a look at one good example we’ve found on 9gag, a popular online platform and social media website.