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Tumblr Delights GIFs Users With Its Latest Tumblr TV and Updated GIF Search


Blogging phenomenon has become quite popular in the last decade. It is believed as one of the “modern media”  that gives its users the ability to express their ideas, opinions or feelings about virtually any imaginable subject matter.

Recently, Tumblr has added two new ways to keep their bloggers coming back. There is one similar keyword that ties these two new options from Tumblr. It is GIF.

The first announcement from Tumblr introduced a new way for users to find GIFs to incorporate in users’ posts. Through the new GIF search feature, users simply click the “+” button followed by the “GIF” button to search through Tumblr’s library of GIFs. Once users select a GIF, the GIFs original poster will be notified right away that another users has reposted their content.


The second announcement from Tumblr is about the launch of Tumblr TV, a new way to view GIFs. When visiting Tumblr TV, users’ entire screen is used to show GIFs, turning the screen into a TV essentially. Interestingly, users are able to customize their Tumblr TV experience and even make their own channel to attach to their blog.


With these two updates, it is clear that Tumblr want to get GIF users’ attention, since most Tumblr users are indeed employing GIFs in their posts. So, how can you turn this situation into your advantage? It’s simple. Just remember to use more GIFs if you decide to use Tumblr in the next social media marketing campaign.

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Feature is Now Available on iOS


Pinterest revealed Buyable Pins in June as a way for brands to securely sell products on its social network. Now the social network is announcing the feature will be available on iOS as well.

Buyable Pins are displayed in the home feed, on boards and in search results and can be identified by a blue price. In fact, users can even compare color choices of product directly from the Pin. According to Pinterest, 30 million pins will become buyable in the next few weeks on its social network, from brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Brands who want to leverage Buyable Pins for their products, however, must leverage the Shopify or Demandware commerce platforms as well as signup for Pinterest’s waitlist.


“Buyable Pins still let you control the shopping experience — Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales and you still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have. That’s why we’re only working with merchants who care about providing Pinners with the best possible experience,” Pinterest said in its original announcement.

Lead Ads: Facebook’s New Feature to Ease Users to Fill Out Forms


Form is definitely one of the best tool for marketers to gather customers data. However, it has become a public secret that consumers hate filling them out.

Thus, as one of the solution to fix this problem, Facebook is testing a new feature called “lead ads”, which makes it easier for people to fill out forms on mobile devices. The new feature automatically populate contact information that people have given Facebook, such as email addresses. Facebook notes that it is testing different versions of lead ads that let people sign up for things like newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls and business information. Moreover, lead ads use a native signup flow within Facebook that enables marketers to avoid pain points typically associated with filling out forms, such as leaving one app to start a form within another app or having to enter all personal information from scratch.

“Like our other ad formats, we’ve built this ad type with privacy in mind. People can edit their contact information, and information isn’t sent to the business until a person clicks the ‘submit’ button. Advertisers may only use this information in accordance with their privacy policies, which we make available in the lead ad before people click submit. Advertisers are also restricted from re-selling lead information to third parties” said Facebook in its official announcement.


Lead ads are currently being tested by a small group of businesses around the world. That said, Facebook says it will share more information about lead ads as it gathers feedback.

Getting The First 1,000 Followers on Pinterest (Infographic)

Pinterest is a lovely social media platform for business. However, it is notoriously hard to master.

Has your Pinterest growth stalled? Are you wondering how to grow your Pinterest audience?

Wonder no more. In the infographic below, you’ll discover five simple steps to quickly increase your number of Pinterest followers. Here are some key points:

  • Fill out your profile completely. Make sure you fill out as many of the following as possible: e.g Email address, contact name, profile picture, about section, website, etc.
  • Verify your website or blog so you can implement Rich Pins and have a verified icon of your website on your profile. Fact: Pinterest Rich Pins with prices averaged 1.5 likes while those without averaged only 1.1 likes.
  • Include a Pinterest button on your product pages: Pinterest offers 5 different styles of buttons and widgets that you can place on your website.

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Infographic credit: Quicksprout.

Three Preliminary Steps To Prepare An Instagram Video Campaign

Instagram Video

Here are three initial steps to prepare your video campaign on Instagram:

1. Revise Your Current Instagram and Vine Strategies

If you’ve done nothing on either Instagram or Vine, you should start revising your current strategy as soon as possible. If you are using Instagram and realizing some success in the form of engagement, analyse what it is about your content that makes it successful. Once you understand what your community responds to, update on how new video content can also be ingrained with those qualities. If you’ve established a certain photographic voice or persona, your Instagram videos will need to adhere to it.

2. Avoid Content Duplication

If you’re utilizing both Instagram and Vine, it’s likely that you have two very different communities. Obviously your Vine followers are interested in seeing videos from you, but will your Instagram followers be? It’s important not to simply transfer or duplicate your Vine activity to Instagram. You could alienate your Instagram followers and neglect those on Vine. Instead, keeping doing what you’re doing on Vine and test the response by using Instagram video. Given the unique 6-second format on Vine, it’s likely that you can manage two very different micro-video strategies at once.

3. Consider Assigning Dedicated Responsibility

Given the mobile nature of Instagram, consider delegating management to one trusted staffer – preferably someone with an artistic eye and who is in the thick of the action within your business or organization. This will allow you to produce and broadcast content quickly without the barriers and bottlenecks common among other video productions. Spontaneity tends to breed creativity.

Instagram Improves Its Search And Explore Feature


Instagram has revealed a new Explore page with trending tags and places with more powerful search tool.

For those who don’t know, Explore now features trending tags and places. The page surfaces trends in real-time, which helps members connect to various events and conversations that are happening both nearby and around the globe. Additionally, the top of the Explore page features new curated collections that are regularly updated and include interesting accounts and places for users to discover. It is important to note that the updates to Explore are currently only available for U.S. Instagram users.


Moreover, Instagram’s improved search functionality helps users better find what they are looking for. For example, the new Places Search enables users to discover content from locations around the globe. Plus, users can search for people, places and tags all at once with the page’s new Top Search functionality.


“With more than 70 million photos and videos posted to Instagram every day, wherever something is happening, chances are you can see it here. Whether it’s behind the scenes at the NBA Finals, on the runway with the latest fashion trend at a favorite club with a local band, people are capturing moments large and small on Instagram. But, until now, there’s never been an easy way to find these moments” said Instagram in its official blog post.

How to Make Compelling Social Media Content? (Infographic)

Creating a great social media presence is not an easy task. If you are a startup, you need to build your credibility from the scratch.

Nobody likes automated posts. It will create a lazy impression upon yourself and your company. What people love is a beautifully curated content, and this kind of content will make your friends and followers share your posts. The engagement and relevance of your updates are important. In this infographic, you will learn various tips that may help you to improve your social media engagement rate. Check this out.

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LinkedIn Tips: How To Make Your LinkedIn Presence Matter (Infographic)

How do you decide which partners will benefit from your business on LinkedIn?

As of 2015, LinkedIn boasts more than 364 million registered members around the world, each one a potential business partner.

Regardless of the technology, the ancient “divide and conquer” strategy still makes your brand matter to the right people on LinkedIn. It gives you the advantage by knowing:

  • The right partners to do business with.
  • The best way to reach them.
  • The best way to identify and outsell your competition.

The following infographic can help you better understand these concepts, letting you get the partners you want with the right content and presentation.


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Infographic credit: SlideGenius.

The New iOS Based Content Discovery App From Hootsuite


One of the big social media management platform, Hootsuite, has launched a new iOS app to help users discover and share more content easily on mobile devices.

The app, named “Suggestions for mobile”, makes it easier for Hootsuite users to discover, schedule and share various content from their smartphones. In fact, the app aims to take the guesswork out of deciding which content to share with followers by providing a curated list of timely articles and blog posts based on a users’ interest and expertise. Moreover, Hootsuite’s Suggestion for mobile app can also help users to have a better engagement with their current followers and build stronger relationships.

“The ability to share quality content with followers is critical to social success,” said Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite. “Customers often tell us that they want to share more on social media, but that it’s too time-consuming. Suggestions for mobile allows people to easily find and share content wherever they are and when it’s most convenient for them.”

With Suggestions, users can reduce the time it takes to discover and share content to social networks with a single swipe. Content scheduling can be done in advance too. It is important to note that Suggestions for mobile is also available as a Web feature in Publisher.


“We use Suggestions to improve the heartbeat of our clients’ social media profiles and they are thrilled with the content they’re seeing. Not only are the suggested articles relevant to their industries, but they are also interesting and timely. We like Suggestions so much, we also use it for our own brand,” said Jonathan Goodman, president of Internet marketing agency, Halyard Consulting.

Combining Email & Social Media Marketing to Get More Customers


There are mysterious forces in the world of marketing. The techniques that once stood alone are coming together to form powerful alliances.

Although some experts still proclaim that one has mastery over the other, the most savvy small businesses are seeking to harness the power of email marketing and social media marketing at the same time.

Well, the good news is you can do the same things. Just follow these simple steps you can do to maximize your marketing efforts using email and social media together.

1. Link back to your website from your social profiles and your newsletter

The smart way to do this is to link to a specific landing page on your site, rather than your homepage. Think about why your social follower wants to visit your site and give them what they’re looking for as soon as they arrive.

2. Post on social media about your newsletter or email update

Use a tool like our Simple Share function to automatically post to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts when your newsletter is published. It’s totally customisable and on LinkedIn and Facebook you can include a picture, too.

3. Encourage newsletter readers to share your email with their networks

You want more readers who are like your current readers, so tap into their networks by asking them to share your newsletter. Two great ways to do that are with our Sharebar and using Click To Tweet.

4. Include links to your social profiles in your newsletter

Don’t just shove a social icon on your newsletter, tell people why they should follow you. Is it for articles, quotes, discounts, jokes, or something else? They will want to know.

5. Invite your newsletter subscribers to connect with you on Facebook

When you launch a new social campaign, tell your subscribers with a single purpose email. Tell them why  they should “Like” your Page and give them a deadline for the freebie to be over.

6. Let social subscribers know when your email is coming out

The day before your email newsletter is due, post an update on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to let people know what’s going to be in it, and that there’s still time to sign up. Don’t forget to give them a link to your sign-up page (not your homepage).

7. Use a mailing list sign-up app on your Facebook Page

Constant Contact has an app called Join My Mailing List. If people come to your Facebook Page and they are interested in what you do, you can nab them for your email list whilst they’re there, by encouraging them to sign up on your Page itself. I recommend you customise the app thumbnail to match your brand and alter the default text to tell people WHY they should join (e.g. “Get Offers Here First”).

8. Pin your newsletters on Pinterest

Go to your newsletter archive and view your latest newsletter. Now pick out a key image from your newsletter and pin it to one of your Pinterest boards. THEN (and this is the important bit), link it back to your archived newsletter. It will give you extra exposure and some nice SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits, too.

9. Use content snippets from your newsletter on Twitter and Facebook, and link them back to your email archive

Yes, here’s another one using your archive. The easiest way to post your content snippets is to schedule them using a tool like or MarketMeSuite. You can post several to go out over the next few days all in one go. To make the most of your archive, remember to include a nice clear “Join My List” button on your newsletter, so that if someone lands there from one of these snippets (or Pinterest, etc.), they can see how to sign up immediately.

10. Include social media snippets in your newsletter

If you really want to encourage newsletter subscribers to connect with you on social media, try taking screenshots of good engagement that you’ve had on social media channels (like Twitter and Facebook) and use the Microsoft Snipping Tool, or something like Snagit, to take a picture of some of those great messages and include them in your newsletter. This works particularly well if you pair it with a call to action, as call to action success rates are greatly increased if you pair them with a testimonial.

11. Put email and social media marketing plans on a common calendar, and create themes of content on all channels

The smart thing to do is to use your marketing emails (like your newsletter) and your social media updates to reinforce each other by running common themes through all channels. All this means is that you talk about related things on all your social media accounts and emails, during a set time period, e.g. your blog has a how-to article about your theme, on Facebook you post some client examples of how you’ve helped people do that thing, and on Twitter you post a daily fact about that topic.

You can get more useful hints about email marketing from The Website Marketing Group team here. If you want to get started with the email marketing without tears, feel free to enquire now.