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Five Instagram Tips to Maximise Your Marketing Strategy


Instagram is a visual social media channel with more than 150 million of daily active users. While some people think Instagram is nothing more than “selfies”, “foodies”, and “look at this sunset through a cool filter”, it is a much more potential tool to reach new customers.

Here are five ways that you can follow to maximise your Instagram marketing strategy.

1. Involve Your Employees

By adding your employees to your Instagram posts, you are one step closer to become more “humanised” brand. This is a nice way to show the personality of your brand. This is also a good opportunity to have a little fun among employees, relieving their daily stress as well. Use Instagram to portray your company’s “behind-the-scenes” as one that is fun and lively. Perhaps you are taking your employees on a company excursion. Use that as an opportunity to show your company outside of the typical work environment.

2. Involve Your Loyal Followers!

If you are going to a trade-show or conference, use that opportunity to take your fans with you by sharing interesting photographs. Show off any new developments or styles in the field. This way, they will be able to share a better experience.

3. Run A Contest

Run Instagram photo contests with a custom hashtag. Create with a unique hashtag and encourage fans to share their photos. Optimise these contests by integrating them into your other social media pages. Facebook has simplified their restrictions on contests/giveaways, so take advantage of this by running a multi-platform contest.

4. Be Relevant

Whether they are photos of your company, employees, or current events, make certain that they are relevant and current with your brand. Not every photo is going to fit with the identity of your company. Make sure that you are taking and posting the right type of pictures that accurately reflect your brand.

5. Take Beautiful Photos Only

Although Instagram has been equipped with numerous cool filters, they cannot fix a bad photograph. Pictures should be in focus and balanced. Never waste any space, use proper lighting and common senses to get a beautiful picture.


Instagram is a great way to connect with customers and fans. You can search out potential customers and express what your company represents visually. This is an opportunity for you to extend your brand and creativity.

How to Speed Up Native Media Advertising on Social Media (Infographic)

Social media is one of the top online activity around the world. Brand marketers are now looking for new ways to engage their potential customer where they are spending most of their time. Native advertising has entered the battlefield and proven its effectiveness for companies looking to display their content in a consumer’s social media feed. The rich media on social takes those capabilities of native advertising and extends them to achieve better ROI and engagement.

Here is a good infographic that visualizing how rich media can expand your social reach and build awareness:


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Social Media Checklist in 2014 (Infographic)

Are you get confused by social media and content marketing for your business? Do you need a little insight for maintaining your marketing momentum? To assist you in developing a perfect social strategy, here is a handy to do list for each popular social media channels that help you incorporate social media to your marketing strategy. Follow these steps to create a consistent presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram Pinterest, Blog and Reddit. Feel free to adapt each step for your own convenience.

social media checklist infographic

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Eight Important Social Media Tools That Will Make Your Job Easier

There are many social media tools out there. The question now is, which one to choose? Where to start? Unlike digital journalism, online marketing is similar to a big umbrella where almost everyone has different needs. Of course, a solid marketing strategy and hard work is the key to a successful social media marketing, yet clever use of some of these tools can quickly boost your plan.

Here is a list of eight social media tools that we think are worth trying out:

1. Mention


Imagine Mention as a social media alternative to Google Alerts. Mention will tell you to ‘social mentions’ all on Facebook, Twitter and more with its user-friendly interface. It also offers real-time alerts, and allows you assign various social media tasks to the rest of your team. It’s a great way of staying on top of your social media monitoring. On top of all, Mention also allows you to export all your data to spreadsheets or PDFs for further analysis.



The notion behind is pretty simple and straightforward – just type the keywords you’re interested in to create a dedicated list per topic, and let the search engine and curator combination that powers find the content that works for you. Once that’s done, makes it incredibly easy to publish into numerous platforms at the same time with just a few clicks. It’s simple and easy.

3. Infogram


Infographics are one of the most appealing ways of visualising your content for sharing on social media. The problem is they’re often expensive and time-consuming projects. With Infogram, that no longer has to be the case. There are 30 designs to choose from, from pie charts to tree-maps. It’s easy to add your stats and copy too – just follow the instructions. Infogram also promises to roll-out the ‘world’s first video infographic creator‘ sometime this year.

4. Tweepi


Tweepi is a Twitter management tool. It maximises your Twitter account’s potential by eliminates unfollowers, allows you to identify key people to follow in different areas, and makes it easy to analyse your followers. It brings social media marketing back to its groundwork: helping you to engage with other people in your sphere.

5. Buffer


Buffer is the perfect tool for managing your Twitter flow. If you have many blog posts to push out, it’s a brilliant way of managing exactly when your audience gets to see it on screen. Buffer features a brilliant publishing schedule that makes it easy to keep on top of your content flow on Twitter. Make sure you use its Chrome plugin to share interesting stories without having to leave the page.


Most people might familiar with this tool. Its main use lies in shortening unwieldy strings of URL into a tidy link, particularly useful for sharing on Twitter. However, a free sign-up also brings many advantages. Track the number of clicks in real time, see what when the link was most popular (and what countries), and compare it to other links that you’ve posted. It’s also a quite handy bookmarking tool.

7. Socialbakers


Expert marketers know that when all the hard work in attracting attention is done, you will need to look back to see what worked and what flopped. Socialbakers shows you all sorts of social media metrics, analytics and statistics on your campaigns. It quickly compare brands’ strength across different platforms and nail your engagement rates on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Even if you think your last campaign was a roaring success, you will need to compare it to industry standards to get the objective idea.

8. Spike


Spike tracks over 200,000 pieces of content everyday in real time. Ranking the stories that are performing strongest on Facebook and Twitter, Spike offers social media marketers a 360° look at the themes and topics that are driving conversation in their niche, right now.

Four Easy Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive to Potential Clients


There were 277 million total LinkedIn users in February 2014. Every minute, there are 120 potential clients, mentors, and connections creating new accounts. The question now is, how do you reach them? The answer is quite obvious: with your own LinkedIn profile, of course. However, most people are unaware of how bad their profiles on clients’ point of view. Worry no more, here are four ways to embellish your profile to attract clients and investors.

1. Choose The Right Keywords

Before anyone can find out about your expertise or brilliant ideas, they have to discover you. Look at the title on your bio. Does it match the keywords you’re using for your website’s SEO strategy? Are those the words that you would want to be found via Google search? If the answer is no, then it’s time for a title change. Calling yourself as something common like “entrepreneur” or “writer” means you’re competing with every entrepreneur or writer out there. However, if you can narrow your specialty, you will increase the probability to reach more potential clients.

2. Post Portfolios and Business Plans in the Bio

Your LinkedIn profile is more than a resume. It shouldn’t take up less than one sheet and shouldn’t list out your experience in the third person.

Start by adding links and projects in each section. This gives potential clients the opportunity to take a look at your work and portfolio. It’s also the perfect opportunity to show off the quality of your work and what skills differentiate you from the rest. More importantly, this is the place to lure in visitors with your cohesive business plan.

3. Comment Regularly

Whenever you comment on an influencer’s article under Pulse, the article and your comment is posted to your timeline. This puts your name and your thoughts in front of all of your connections. Potential investors and business partners want to see what working with you will be like, and LinkedIn is the modern-day business lunch. Commenting and posting in a wise way is a biggest factor for people to decide whether they like you or not.

4. Join Groups

Groups is the fastest way to connect with people. One of the fastest growing groups on LinkedIn is the Professional Women’s Network, where you’re free to connect with ladies across any industry, demographic, or audience. They also have major groups for entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as groups for niche industries like architects and land developers. Otherwise, join the groups to start gaining your confidence, then start working your way into more specific subsets. If you’re looking to find a partner outside of your comfortable niche, join the groups that specialise in a potential partner’s skill sets. Don’t join these groups and expect to take over. Sit back and read some of the conversations, comment with your opinion, and ask questions. Then talk your own ideas.

Creative Campaign: Carlsberg’s Happy Beer Time 2.0

Here is another creative campaign from a beer company, Carlsberg.  The campaign (called ‘Happy Hour 2.0?) has fused party-themed promotion with Instagram, making it a cool and effective campaign. In this drive, Carlsberg Group delivers 4G/USB sticks to bars and pubs that can be plugged directly into a Smart TV that launch the an app that hosts #HappyBeerTime event. However, the Happy Beer Time is limited for certain amount of time. To add more time, customers are encouraged to post a pic on their Instagram with #HappyBeerTime hashtag, complete with a designated venue location. The ‘Happy Hour’ is automatically extended by a period of time and social media engagement at the same time.

Social Media For Business Trends in 2014 (Infographic)

Every business wants to be the perfect solution for their audiences. However, many of them are still uncertain to take the plunge into social media marketing. The fact is, 81% of customers are influenced by their friends posts on social media when making purchasing decisions. Another statistic states that 74% of customers rely on social networking sites to influence their purchasing decisions. Almost 7 out of 10 people say that if they get a quick brand response they are more likely to recommend that brand to others on social sites.

If these statistics don’t convince you to start incorporating social media as a part of your marketing strategy, maybe this infographic will do.


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Social Media News: Twitter Has Shut Down Its Music App Service

Twitter Logo

Less than one year ago, Twitter has launched its music app service for iOS called Twitter Music which gives you music recommendations from your friends and people you follow. However, last Saturday Twitter has announced that the company will be removing the app from App Store. For those who already own the app, the service will stop working on April 18.

Here is the official tweet from Twitter, confirming the closure of the app:


Will this app be missed by people? Many of us didn’t even know it existed. The app itself might unable to get the goal Twitter was looking for. Somehow, it was a little strange when Twitter first launched this service, especially creating a completely separate app that unfamiliar to people. However, if the service was integrated to an existing app, then it might got much bigger reaction.

Content Dressing For Social Media Success (Infographic)

There are a bunch of social media channels available today. From the newcomers like Pinterest and Snapchat to the giants like Facebook and Twitter, each channel has its own audience, taste and value. You’ve might also heard that the more influence you have on social media, the more leads you will be likely to gain. However, before you blindly make accounts on every single network always remember that quality should be prioritised over quantity. It means you should only optimise your presence on as many platforms as you can manage well.

That said, dress up your social media content is very important for your success. The question is, “How can you manage your official Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts in the right way? This infographic will guide you to make your social media marketing a little more manageable.


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Social Media Tips: The Reasons Why You Need To Remove Social Media Spam Immediately

Here is the deal: You have worked hard to get your Facebook Page for your business looking awesome. Your website has been streamlined and your Twitter followers has increased. Will you let them collapse because of spam attacks?

Imagine you are building a house. With the right builders and good weather, you might be able to get it built and finished within three or four months. How long would it take to tear down with bombs? A few hours at most. Destroying things is always quicker and easier than creating them, and a few hand-grenade-spam posts or a vindictive online flamethrower can burn your social reputation to the ground before you know what’s going on.

Maintaining social media accounts on a daily basis is an absolute requirement. It is not a suggestion to become static in social media. Become a proactive by always read the comments at the end of any article to see what the general public has to say about the matter. You might find additional insight from commenters that will make the information that much more clear or interesting.

However, it’s extremely annoying when you are reading comments and come to what is obviously a spam ad for something else. They’ll mention something about the article and then try to get you to follow their link for “better” information. Or worse: putting bad links straight away.

A post or comment doesn’t have to be an ad or a spam link to be considered spam. There are plenty of trolls out there who get their jollies by trying to defame or denigrate people and businesses by randomly posting negative comments on their blogs, posts, or feeds. Sometimes they are even paid by your competitors to do so. These negative comments are grenades thrown into your building, but they don’t have to do any damage. The attacking posts on your pages can also be removed before they do much damage, but the longer they remain the more they do.

However, you should not remove any legitimate complaints or issues from real customers. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference, yet usually a social media manager with experience can spot the spammers and trolls a mile away. Removing legitimate complaints can have worse implications than leaving spam in your posts. If your real customers start to think that you don’t care about your customers problems, they will leave you right away. Always try to diffuse situations with legitimate complaints, and only remove the comments if they become worse or cannot be satisfied through reaching out.

Spam, on the other hand, should be removed within seconds if possible, hours at the most. Moderating comments is one way to avoid this issue, but unless you post the legitimate complaints as well you’re back to the previous problem of losing trust. This isn’t a hard lesson to learn, but it can be a costly one if not learned quickly. For the least hassles and the best results, it’s always recommended to let a professional handle your accounts under your oversight.