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Twitter Analytics Are Now Available To All Users


It seems like Twitter doesn’t want to miss the party.

Following Instagram and Pinterest move, Twitter analytics now are accessible for regular users. This is definitely the next step, continuing from last month’s update when Twitter released analytic dashboard for marketers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers. The initial experiment was on June when Twitter began testing its analytics dashboard to users outside of its advertisers.

The new analytics dashboard lets users see how many impressions each tweet has received, how many times other users saw the tweet on their Twitter account, the number of favorites their tweet has received, how many times others have clicked on their profiles, and the number of retweets and replies on a certain tweet. It also shows how many times users engaged with a tweet and what that engagement was.

The statistics can be obtained by visiting


However, there are several In order to see these analytics, your account must be at least 14 days old. It cannot be deleted, restricted, protected or suspended account. Most of your tweets should be in English, French, Japanese or Spanish.

While many social media experts are not quite sure what Twitter is hoping users extract from these new statistics, the numbers are certainly useful for brands and individuals who want to better reach a larger audience. They assume that the “regular” Twitter user simply may not care about this feature. In the past, regular users relied on third party apps for all of their Twitter metrics. Creating analytics feature for regular users is definitely an interesting move for the social media company. It just a matter of time when the analytics will be integrated into the mobile apps.

Hyperlapse: A New Standalone App From Instagram


Brace yourself. The new fantastic stand alone app for Instagram has been released.

Lately, Instagram has released its latest time-lapse video app named Hyperlapse. The app allows Instagram users to easily make a time-lapse video without spending thousands of dollars on video equipment. Unlike Bolt andSlingshot, which have so far proved underwhelming, Hyperlapse is simple, elegant and useful.

“We designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible,” said Instagram on one of its official blog post.

In fact, the app’s interface is ridiculously simple. Record a video, select a playback speed, save and share. No additional editing, tweaking or user account required. Here is an example of a video that was made with Hyperlapse:

Just like Vine, think of Hyperlapse as a new social media marketing tool. You can use this app to create a super short infomercial. Who knows? Your imagination is the limit.

Pinterest Releases More Reliable Analytics For Its Platform


Pinterest is getting serious with their commitment to bring out the best of their platform for advertisers.

The company announced that the latest analytics tool for Pinterest is now available to businesses worldwide. With this tool, businesses can see detailed data on the number of users who engage with their pins as well as other information, such as what countries those users are from, what their interests are on the social network and off network data for those who have Pin It buttons installed on their websites.

“We’re pretty excited about this because it’s actually our first global business tool launch that we’re doing. We talk here at Pinterest a lot about the importance of the user experience and how the pinned side of the ecosystem is important to us. Businesses are equally and critically important to us as well. At a high level, we are super interested in content creators of any types and also SMBs getting value out of this. At the end of the day, what we are hoping is that these guys will be able to derive insights from the tool, inform their marketing strategies and ultimately help pinners have a better experience by optimizing the type of content,” said  Jason Costa, Pinterest’s Product Manager.

Initially, the analytics tool was available in a limited beta test with fewer than hundred participants. Now, anyone can take advantage of this new analytics tools, as long as you sign up for a business account on Pinterest.

Pinterest previously introduced a more rudimentary analytics platform, which the company expects to phase out over the next month. The new analytics tool comes at a time when its “visual” social media competitor, Instagram, has released its analytics platform with a set of goals: attracting more businesses and gaining dollars. However, Costa suggests advertising is not the primary incentive, at least not for now.

“This isn’t so much an advertising tool. It’s a free tool that is really meant to inform these guys how their organic strategy is working on the service. By and large, we are putting this out there to make sure these businesses are getting the insights that they need to make sure their marketing and product strategies are improving over time.”

Pinterest introduced its first ad product, promoted pins, late last year and expanded on that initiative more recently with the introduction of self-service ads. The social media channel is now valued at $5 billion and is viewed by some analysts as the next big social network that will go public, once it fixes its monetisation engine.

Five Tips To Start Your Social Media Marketing On The Right Path


Social media is an instant way to gain fame and success. However, when poorly executed, social media can become a one-way ticket to your business’ demise.

For the small business owners who just getting started, the vast landscape of social media can be discouraging. Here are five tips to avoid common pitfalls and start your social media marketing strategy on the right path.

1. Branded Social Profile is Important


If you feel uncertain about taking the plunge into social media marketing, then you should still go ahead and claim a profile with your name on all the major social networks. It will allow you to keep your page private until you’re ready. Plus, you don’t want to run the risk of your business name being taken, as this will make it harder for search engines to find you. Latest research shows that 43% of website owners pick a domain name for their business at or before the time they launch it. Business owners should be doing the same thing on social media.

2. Never Rely on The Organic Reach Alone


It’s no secret that organic reach (the number of people who see content you haven’t paid to promote on social media) has been declining lately. While several things that contribute to your organic reach are under your control, many factors are simply determined by each social media channel’s algorithm.

If the purpose of your social media marketing is simply to engage with your community of followers and establish a brand presence, you can still achieve that goal with organic reach. However, if your goals include e-commerce and driving traffic to your online store, the premium feature offered by each social media channels are definitely worth considering. For example, since they can be hyper-targeted, Facebook Ads are a relatively inexpensive way to get your content in front of a far greater number of just the right people.

3. Create, Then Curate!


Content curating has literally become a full time job for some social media marketers. Finding and sharing great content helps you to grow your reach and connect with other marketers in your space. However, content curation at the expense of content creation is a pitfall you should avoid. When you are busy running a business, it’s important to find time to write original articles, create intriguing videos, and design unique posts. If all you ever do is share, the search engine optimization, site traffic, and brand building never comes on your own website.

4. Never Do A One-Way Conversation

Your website is the perfect place for listing your products and boasting about your accomplishments. On the other hand, while social media can help to raise awareness for your brand and your products, it’s not the same way as a website or an advertising piece. The fastest way to lose your social following is talk too much about yourself. People know they can visit your website if they want to buy something. They followed you on social media for a different reason: to connect on a deeper lever. Find a unique ways to work in announcements, showcase your products in context, and create conversations. You will see your audience engagement level increase in no time.

One creative way to get your audiences engaged is by creating an intriguing campaign that attract users’ attention:

5. Maximise The Visual Aspect of Your Business


These days, social media is all about visual. Twitter’s new profiles allow viewers to sort by photo and video posts, Instagram and Pinterest are raging successes, and Facebook’s new layout features increased image post sizes and shows cover photos above every tab. If there is one particular area of your social media marketing strategy where you should not take shortcuts, it’s the image quality. Take advantage of all this new visual features by creating attractive, engaging posts and cover images for all your profiles.

Instagram Launches Its Own Customised Analytics For Advertisers


Recently, Instagram has launched a brand new, deeper analytics for its advertisers. The analytics are targeted to offer greater visibility into how their campaigns are performing on the network.

The metrics (just like impressions, reach and engagement) will provide data to marketers in real time. The program initially has been released to some ad partners, including Levi’s, Hollister and Taco Bell. The company plans to release the program to all potential advertisers in the coming months.

The desktop-based dashboard covers Facebook’s demographic information to let advertisers see an age and sex-based users data who are interacting with branded messages. In a staging area, marketers can also see how an ad will look on Instagram on a mobile phone.

Moreover, Instagram stated that the metrics are not only for advertising, but for organic posts as well. Advertisers can get a detailed view of all the ads and posts they have previously organised, which they can sort based on numerous categories such as impressions, likes and chronology. Another option enables marketers see a raw data feed, which they can use with custom data-sorting systems.

However, there is a little disappointment: Advertisers are unable to adjust ad campaigns on the fly. Unlike Facebook, they won’t be able to double down on an execution’s placement if it’s getting an unusual amount of interaction.

“The idea is to see which types of creative are working best. Our goal is to give brands the tools and insights they need to be really effective on Instagram,” said Jeff Kanter, the product manager for Instagram.

The New Importing Video Feature On Vine

this picture represents vine, the social media sharing based on 6 seconds video loops, logo

Finally, Vine is fulfilling the wishes of its fans by allowing users to import their saved videos.

In the past, the absence of this feature on Vine has made video lovers choose to use Instagram, which lets you upload 15-second videos, as opposed to Vine’s six seconds that you couldn’t pull from elsewhere.

In addition to the video import feature, the Vine app will also let you edit the imported video. You can duplicate portions of the video and mute the audio. Another good point is, instead of being forced to preview the entire video before editing, you can now preview your last addition on the capture screen and even delete that portion of your Vine from the same screen.


The New Video Importing Feature From Vine

You’ll also find some deeper controls alongside old favorites like ghost and focus lock. Vine added a grid to help you properly compose your shot and a level to make sure, for example, that the horizon isn’t tilted. Plus, if you love to use the slow-motion video feature on the iPhone 5S, that one is supported as well.

Many of these tools seem geared more toward long-form video. It’s unclear how many people will import multiple clips to compose a short six-second video, but the Vine community is a creative bunch. This is indeed a good news for the longtime fans and newbie on Vine.

“Whether you’ve imported a past video or shot a new one within the Vine app, you can edit your Vines faster and with more precision,” said Richard Plom, Vine’s iOS engineer in Vine’s official blog post on Wednesday.

Ten Useful Facebook Ad Tools That Can Skyrocket Your Social Media Marketing


The world of advertising on Facebook is a lot more than just Promoted Posts and the ad tool provided by the social media. Unfortunately, very little advertisers have been explored deeper on how to maximise their Facebook ads.

If you are still doing the same old Promoted Posts on Facebook, now it’s time to incorporate some additional tools on your Facebook marketing strategy. When fully maximised, Facebook ad can be a great way to gain success. Hence, in today’s post we will share ten terrific Facebook ad tools that you can use to maximise your marketing plan:

1. Power Editor


Every Facebook advertising list needs to start here. If you aren’t using Power Editor or a tool that utilizes the Facebook ads API, you are missing out on powerful functionality. Basically, it is a free browser plugin and bulk Facebook ad editor. While it’s not particularly user friendly, all of the new features are rolled out to Power Editor and the ads API first. If you want the new bells and whistles, you need to use Power Editor.

2. Partner Categories


Facebook interest targeting is limited. When you target users based on interests, you are hoping that users are thorough, accurate and current regarding what they share on their profiles. However, Partner Categories allow you to do so much more. Facebook partnered with three data mining companies (Acxiom, Epsilon and Datalogix). These companies have collected mounds and mounds of data related to buying histories and lifestyles. The result is that you can create Facebook ads that are more relevant than ever before.

3. FBX


What is FBX? Simply put, it is a Facebook ad retargeting. Let’s say that people were on your website. They read a blog post related to Facebook ads. When you return to Facebook, you could serve them an ad related to one of your products.

While FBX has been around for a while for the big brands, the little guys can use it now, too. FBX is where Facebook ad targeting really shines. Ads no longer need to be unrelated and annoying. They can be for products and services that you’ve proven to care about.

4. Conversion Tracking


Have you heard about how hard it is to measure the ROI in social media? Not anymore if you use Conversion Tracking.

With the help of an offsite pixel, Facebook can track whether your ad led to a specific conversion: a purchase, lead, form completion or something else. In fact, Facebook can even optimize your ad to show it to people most likely to perform that action.

You will then be able to view the performance of your ads, free of distracting information like unrelated clicks. You can then calculate how much you spent on the ad and how many conversions were generated. Thus, you just measured the ROI of your Facebook advertising efforts.

5. Conversion Specs


When you promote a post that you published to your Facebook Page, by default it is optimized for engagement. However, what if you want a specific type of engagement? That’s where Conversion Specs come into play.

Most Facebook ads utilize Optimize CPM bidding. Facebook optimizes your ad, serving it to those most likely to perform your desired action. That could be liking your Page or, like in the example above, engagement with your content. With Conversion Specs, you can manually change how your ad is optimized. You can then have Facebook optimize for link clicks, photo views, video plays or some other type of action.

6. Custom Audiences


You can target your customers and email subscribers in Facebook ads, and you don’t even need a Facebook Page to do it. Custom Audiences allow you to upload a list of email addresses, phone numbers or Facebook UIDs. Facebook then matches those up to users whom you can target in ads. You can target your customers who aren’t currently Facebook Fans, encouraging them to like your Page. The possibilities are vast. If you have a decent sized email list and you aren’t using Custom Audiences, you’re missing out.

The result of this tool, if done correctly, is extremely relevant advertising.

7. Similar Audiences


Let’s assume that you have a modest sized email list. You’ve tried Custom Audiences, but you get limited results because you exhaust that audience so quickly.

However. with Similar Audiences tool, you need no worry anymore. Once you’ve created a Custom Audience, you can tell Facebook to create new audiences similar to that one. Facebook looks at the characteristics of the users in that audience and can then generate a list based on similarity (the top 1% of users similar to those users) or reach (the top 5%).

While other marketers are scrambling to figure out the proper targeting to reach their ideal audience, you can quickly and easily find a large group of users similar to those who have already proven to buy from you.

8. Saved Audiences


Successful advertisers test their performances all the time. They create many different ad variations based on placement, imagery, copy, targeting and bidding to find what works and what doesn’t. This can be a time wasting process, unless you create Saved Audiences.

You can save audiences based on:

  • Geography
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Precise Interests
  • Broad Categories
  • Partner Categories
  • Connections
  • Custom Audiences
  • Relationship
  • Language
  • Education
  • Workplace

That’s a whole lot of targeting. It can take a ton of time. But you likely have a handful of targeting combinations that you use repeatedly.

Once you save an audience in Power Editor, you can select all of your targeting with one click of a button in the future.

9. Domain Sponsored Stories


If you own a website and want to drive traffic to it, Domain Sponsored Stories allow you to turn user interactions with your domain into an ad. This is not at all related to a Facebook Page. User X’s friend shared a link to You own This sharing can then be resurfaced later.

Friends trust other friends, thus making this type of advertising incredibly effective.

10. Dark Post


Let’s say you shared a post to your Facebook Page. But you wanted to create multiple versions of that post and turn those posts into Facebook ads. You could do this with Dark Posts.

Dark, or unpublished, posts allow you to promote posts that were never published to your Timeline. This is especially helpful for split testing purposes. Create four versions of a post targeted at various groups, but don’t clutter up your Timeline in the process.

Getting More Audience Interaction on Google+ (Infographic)


As one of the newcomers of social media world, Google+ is often underrated by most social media marketers.

While numerous marketers are trying their best effort on this social media channel, many of them failed to grasp the desired result. The most common question among these Google+ marketers is:

“Why don’t I get +1?s, comments and re-shares like everyone else?”

Well, you not only have to know what to say, but also how to say it. Ideally, creating posts in the correct format will facilitate users engagement. At the same time, it will increase the proportion of delivered messages.

Whether you are a brand or a potential client, the data from the infographic below will ultimately re-align your approach on Google+.


Click to Enlarge


Tips and Tricks To Be Successful On Instagram


Instagram is one of the fastest growing visual social media app in the last two years, along with Snapchat and Pinterest.

The strength of this photo and video social sharing app has proven to be strong enough to compete in the social media battlefield. Not only does Instagram have the fast and simple photo-editing features that people enjoy, it also has over 200 million active users throughout the world. Its parent company, Facebook, has made the right decision when it acquired the company.

The result is predictable. Companies or brands around the world need to adapt their brand, marketing strategy and identity with this new platform while respecting the rules of engagement at the same time.

On 2013, Instagram made an important move by adding a video feature on its service for iOS and Android respectively. This not only pleased its user base, but marketers also found a more creative way to incorporate their products and services into social media marketing  and deliver the company messages to their audiences.


As with any existing social media channel, there are a few strategies to think about and several practices to avoid for Instagram. Whatever activities or job-related ventures you are currently had, you can get bigger exposures by using Instagram’s phenomenal visual power.

Instagram in 2013

When the company was initially bought out by Facebook, the deal was received numerous skepticism and criticism. Since that time, both companies financial status have proved the critics wrong.

Instagram is not only a billion dollar company. More than that, it also accomplished some impressive metrics last year. More than 150 million users share 55 million pictures through the app on a daily basis. This activity is going to continue to grow in 2014 as well.

The top Instagram post goes to the longtime social media celebrity, Justin Bieber. Upon creating an Instagram account, the young pop star sensation immediately generate one million likes for his photo.

Hashtagging is the key to spark more interest on Instagram. The top performing Instagram hashtag was #love in 2013. Other notable categories hashtags to make the ranks included #tbt (throwback Thursday), #friends, #fashion, #food, and #selfie.

Tips and Tricks To Gain Success On Instagram

Getting familiarised with the social media etiquette comes with moderating the activity and the types of your posts. You need to get a full control over your posts. As social media marketing trends change from one year to the next radically so be mindful of the content you are going to share.

Moreover, here is the list of trends Instagram that you have to avoid:

  • No more than one sixth of your photos should be selfies.
  • Do not post more than twice a day.
  • Pictures of food should not exceed 50% of your posts.
  • Do not overuse the black and white filter.
  • If you are handling company’s account, avoid uploading the pics of your baby, pet or personal matters.
  • Limit the reposts of inspirational quotes.
  • Stay away from using words like “babe” and “hipster”.
  • Do not post pictures from more than one app.
  • Use hashtags sparingly.

To succeed on the platform staying away from these practices will certainly give you solid and measurable results. Unlike any other time everyone now has unlimited and uncensored access to posting information about themselves, so balance your professional and personal life on social networks.


Now that you have learned the basic guidelines on Instagram, there is one important thing to consider. Each individual social media site has a set of requirements on how to get setup and what specifications go into creating an account. Growing followers is not an easy task, unless you have some form of celebrity status or you just bought the fake ones. Telling your own story is definitely start and being original too.

There is definitely nothing wrong about trying to get a lot of followers quickly. However, do not bother to use those “fast-followers services” since anything related to bad travels extremely fast on the web. It would be better if you put more efforts on building public trust and genuine followers than buying a fake one.

How To Create The Best Social Media Campaign On Facebook & Twitter (Infographic)

Get fabulous result in your next Facebook or Twitter ads campaign with the right combination of creative and relevant content. Employ the general and vertical-specific tips given in the following infographic to your future social media ads campaign to attract the right people and convert them into buying customers.


Click to Enlarge