Sweden On Airbnb


So after some epic vacation in Sweden campaigns of late, where do you go next? Well, Airbnb seems to be the most obvious answer.
Recently, Sweden have just listed their entire country on Airbnb, which was directly inspired from their  “Allemansrätten” or “the freedom to roam”. Simply put, it’s a principle protected by Swedish law that gives all … Continue reading “Sweden On Airbnb”

The 3 Monsters of CMS: A Fair Comparison (Infographic)


Nowadays, the best websites are empowered by content management systems (CMS). The services allow even a complete beginner to update a website’s content without any coding knowledge. If you want to get a new, powerful website online yet can’t wait around or spend big bucks for a specially customised site, then you definitely need to learn more about … Continue reading “The 3 Monsters of CMS: A Fair Comparison (Infographic)”

Apotek’s “Coughing Billboard” is a Great Example How Innovative A Digital Touch Can Be


When you don’t have enough creative billboard in the world (like this massage billboard), you will create another one.
There are billboards and there is this, Apotek’s Coughing Billboard that detects cigarette smoke within a proximity range of the digital screen, and triggers and interaction, or perhaps more on point, a repulsive cough at the near … Continue reading “Apotek’s “Coughing Billboard” is a Great Example How Innovative A Digital Touch Can Be”

How To Master Community Management (Infographic)


Unlike common assumption, your followers actually listen to your business. They are always curious about the newest releases. That’s why a social media manager is enough to maintain good CRM.
However, spreading your brand awareness to the people who are not your followers and making them as your followers is not possible by being a brand … Continue reading “How To Master Community Management (Infographic)”

Spice Up Your Halloween with Netflix Doorbell


With its various creative campaigns such as button, socks and ring, Netflix is creating a doorbell for a Halloween themed campaign.

Netflix’s new Halloween Doorbell gives trick-or-treaters a scream while you continue to stream, with the DIY Halloween Doorbell (comes complete with build instructions) transforming your home into a trick-or-treaters’ delight while you never leave the TV.
You hang … Continue reading “Spice Up Your Halloween with Netflix Doorbell”