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Three Simple Tips To Build A Wonderful Twitter Account


Twitter is, so far, the fastest and the most exciting of all the social networks.

Everything happening right now in the world is also happening right now on Twitter. However, most people are trying to create a better Twitter account without having any plans. Tweets are sent out with no purpose, followers are ignored, and their audience doesn’t grow because of all these issues.

This practices need to be stopped. Every business needs a basic understanding of what’s going on. There are a number of proven ways that you can make your account grow. It’s been shown time and time again by successful accounts over the years and here are three field-tested tips to boost your Twitter’s performances.

1. Have a Clear Goal in Mind

Twitter is not your venue for pushing 140 character long press releases. This is quite commonly the first mistake that accounts make on Twitter. You need to realise these three things right now:

  • Twitter is where you go to listen as much as you speak. This is social media, emphasis on social.
  • Twitter is where you go to create partnerships. Retweets are there for a reason. You need to use them to build your connections with other Twitter accounts.
  • Twitter is where you go to add value. You can answer questions, share information, and be a force for good in the community.

Those three points need to form the basis of your tweeting. Twitter started out, way before any marketers got their hands on it, as a place to share information you found useful. That is still how it is used amongst its core users.

That’s what you want to do, but how will you do it and at what time? That depends on your two options:

  • Tweeting live: This is the great strength of Twitter as it is a hyper-current social channel where what’s happening NOW is what matters most. Jump on trending hashtags and topics to gain a whole new group of followers.
  • Scheduled tweeting: With Twitter being ‘on’ all day across the world, a scheduling tool can do a lot to help expand your global audience. Tools like TweetDeck and Hootsuite will allow you scheduled tweets in advance so that you can still get your message out while you’re busy with another task.

Something you’re going to start noticing right away is how important it is to get more retweets. You can read more at the link, but your basic tactics learned above, and applied consistently, will start getting your followers pushing that retweet button.

2. Grow Your Followers Correctly

Being social on Twitter is one of your top priorities. There are a number of ways that you can do this:

  • Join live chats: These are pre-arranged online ‘meetings’ where people all tweet about a certain topic. These will be hosted by one account who will determine a hashtag that will be used to track the conversation. The typical style is for a series of questions to be asked by the host, with answers being provided by the participants.
  • Host your own chat: Once you have a large enough following, you can start your own chat around your own topics. Make sure that it’s a topic you know a lot about personally as people will turn to you during the chat for advice and guidance.
  • Tweet current events: Over on the left hand side of Twitter you’ll see the Trending Topics list. These are the trending topics and hashtags that people are tweeting about worldwide, or in your area. Having your say about a current event, or tweeting new information, can push you into viral territory faster than perhaps any other technique. You have to be smart about the topics you choose. If you usually tweet about your quilt work, and then suddenly jump in on a trending topic about school shootings, will the followers you gain remain interested in your quilt working? I wouldn’t.
  • Search and socialise: The Twitter search bar is the most underused communication tool online today. You can use it to look for topics, and people, who are interested in the same things as you. All you have to keep in mind is whether or not your actions are appropriate in the real world before doing them on Twitter.

3. Use Twitter Ads

Every social platform needs to make money, and paid ads are a big part of it. There are three different types of ads that anyone can purchase on Twitter to build their account. Knowing what they are, and when to use them, is the challenge:

  • Promoted Tweets: This is a tool for promoting one specific tweet. You have the option of choosing an arrow target audience that Twitter will expose your promoted tweet to, making sure that you spend your money as wisely as possible. Even though you’re paying for the ad, realise that it will still be regular Twitter users seeing it, and they won’t respond very well to anything which feels like ad copy. They will, quite commonly, react poorly and troll you like crazy.
  • Promoted Trends: These hashtags of your own that you pay to have placed in the Trends section. They will display at the top, looking like the example to the right. This is effective for promoting a hashtag you’ve already built up with some great content, but is not great for launching one.
  • Promoted Accounts: Your account is as good as it can be? You have great content built up? Your following is already more than just your family and close friends? Good. Now you’re ready to try a Promoted Account Ad. Doing this too soon can squash your efforts as a weak account is one which won’t be followed as readily as a stronger one. This may be the last tactic you use out of those listed.

Before you invest in Twitter Ad spending, be sure to invest some time into your account, and how you’ll use the ads. Throwing money at a problem blindly rarely yields results, and blindly paying for Twitter Ads can do even less.


If your Twitter account is being used purely for “fun”, then feel free to tweet whenever and however you please. However, if you want to grow an audience, get a little bit famous, and spread your message effectively you will need to start with the tactics from above. Apply them on a consistent basis and watch your account grow bigger.

Twitter Introduced The New “Conversational Ads”


Advertisers now have a new way to get more audience interactions on Twitter, thanks to Twitter’s new ad format.

The format, which is promptly named “conversational ads”, make it easy for consumers to engage with and spread a brand’s campaign message. It also provides advertisers with a powerful way to extend their presence across the social network. This new format works by including call-to-action (CTA) buttons with customisable hashtags that encourage consumer engagement.


When a CTA is tapped, the Tweet composer opens up with a pre-populated brand message that also includes the ad’s creative and hashtag. The consumer can then personalise the Tweet and share it on Twitter. After a consumer engages with the ad, they are sent a thank you to the consumer for engaging with the brand’s Tweet.

Lastly, it is important to note that the new Tweet appears to the consumer’s followers in their timelines and includes the brand’s original photo or video. Plus, each shared Tweet drives earned media for the brand at no extra cost, which drives the advertiser’s return on investment (ROI).

“As one of the first global brands to use Twitter’s new conversational ad unit, we’re excited by the opportunity to initiate more meaningful conversation. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to continuously evolve our social media engagement strategies to help our fans get closer to the Samsung Canada brand,” said Mark Childs, CMO at Samsung Electronics Canada.

Conversational ads are currently available in beta for select advertisers in all markets. Those who are interested in the new ad format should contact Twitter team to learn more.

Getting More Clicks on Twitter (Infographic)


Study has found that tweets between 120 and 130 characters long had the highest click-through rates. The most clicked on links appeared about 25% of the way into the tweet. However, tweeting more than 4 times per hour significantly decreases the click-through rate of your tweets.

Certain catch words are associated with higher click-through rates, such as “via,” “RT,” and “please.” While other words, including “add this” or “marketing” are associated with lower click-through rates. Tweets with more adverbs and verbs did better than ones with more nouns and adjectives. Tweets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday did better than those on other days of the week. As well, tweets sent in the morning had lower click-through rates than those in the afternoons.

The best use of Twitter is as a broadcast medium. You should be creating a ton of interesting content and sharing it with your followers. Take a look at the infographic below for more detailed information.


Infographic credit: Hubspot

Ten Handy Twitter Tips To Increase Your Marketing Performance

Twitter Logo

Twitter is infamous as an elusive beast among social media marketers.

One of its notorious traits is the rapid update and frequent ad testing. With new types of advertising available to users as well as visual content stealing the spotlight, it’s important to stay on top of current trends to make sure you’re using your Twitter account effectively.

That said, when you used properly, Twitter can bring you in a position to better serve your customers. Here are ten tips you can try to optimise your Twitter effort.

  1. Update your Twitter profile. This is your chance to make a good first impression. Some users will determine whether or not they’ll follow you based solely on your Twitter profile.
  2. Make sure that your Twitter profile includes a link to your blog or website. Some people will want to check out what you do before following you. If the link is too long, use a link shorten.
  3. Put some thought into the headlines you Tweet. What may work on a blog won’t necessarily work well on Twitter. It’s okay to change the title of your blog post to make it work better for Twitter; it can stay the same on the blog itself.
  4. Mix in some visual Tweets. Add GIFs and photos to some of your Tweets, especially if you need a visual to further explain something or to make more of an impact.
  5. Don’t leave out hashtags, but don’t overwhelm your Tweets, either. Also, play around with where you put the hashtags, like before or after the link. For more help with making your customers happy, check out ACN INC.
  6. Spread out your Tweets by scheduling them with Hootsuite or Buffer. On Hootsuite, you can choose the auto-schedule option which will schedule your posts for optimized times.
  7. Get more followers. While you have to entertain your current followers, you should also focus on gathering new followers and expanding your network.
  8. Target your specific audience. Look for niche users and get involved in-group chats.
  9. Mention others in Tweets that you think your audience will be interested in. Just make sure this doesn’t seem too much like spam.
  10. Make sure to engage with others just as much, if not more often, than you put Tweets out there. You can’t expect to build relationships with other users if you’re not actively talking with them instead of just at them.

Twitter is Going to Consider the Monetisation of Non Logged-In Users


 Last year, Twitter came up with an estimation on something that technically is seemingly immeasurable.

With the active user base is currently sitting on around 320 million monthly active users, Twitter is also reaching more than 500 million people each month who are exposed to Twitter content but don’t ever actually log-in to the site. Take a look at the pie chart below.


That’s a big boost in active user figures. Twitter calculated that more than 125 million people visit their home page each month at the time but don’t log-in, while tweets also generate over 185 billion impressions each quarter through syndication (the tweets which are broadcast or embedded on other platforms). While those estimations may seem somewhat speculative, they do make some sense.

Much of Facebook’s information is locked away and only available to those who are logged in, which makes it easier for Facebook to track actual impressions. LinkedIn’s data is much the same as Facebook, but Twitter, on the other hand, is all public. The vast majority of tweet content is available for all to see, which is a core element of Twitter’s ‘global town square’ approach. But that openness and accessibility also, inevitably, makes it more difficult to track definitive numbers on reach and response. Could that equate to an additional audience of almost double their traceable user base? It’s hard to say, but there is definitely a wider audience there. When Twitter originally announced the number of ‘logged out’ users, Wall Street saw the wider potential, though that potential is reliant on Twitter actually being able to monetise this expanded audience in a meaningful way. And now, more than a year after the release of those initial figures, Twitter has detailed it’s plans to do just that. Twitter has detailed the way how it’s going to make money off of those non-logged in users – by targeting them with promoted content.

Still, how can you provide targeted ads to viewers who you have little to no data on? In Twitter’s case, by using the few reference points they do have available.

For example, Twitter may not know what a log-out viewer is interested in, which it can get from regular users by examining what they tweet, who they follow, location, etc. But what Twitter can determine from its logged-out audience is how they came to see Twitter content – a viewer, for instance, may do a search for ‘Steph Curry’ on Google then click on a tweet in the search results – Twitter can determine from this that that viewer may be interested in ad content related to that search term. If someone clicks on an embedded tweet, Twitter can track which website that viewer came from and target based on that.


40 Fabulous Companies You Need To Follow On Twitter


Great brands always inspire their consumers and prospective customers.

The latest and easiest media to accomplish this task is through social media. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring brands you definitely need to follow on Twitter.


You didn’t know pizza could be funny? Well thanks to DiGiorno’s Twitter presence, we now know that it definitely can be. Pizza lovers especially will love the brand’s enthusiasm for its product.

2. @MarsCuriosity

Mars Curiosity is NASA’s latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. The mission’s Twitter account delivers some pretty amazing photos of the planet, presented with just a little bit of sass.

3. @tacobell

The Taco Bell Twitter account has been going nuts ever since the release of the taco emoji, but it’s an endlessly entertaining account even without the emoji-mania. Taco lovers rejoice, this one’s for you.

4. @OldSpice

Surprisingly, this account is more full of jokes than brand propaganda. Sure, you’ll get an Old Spice commercial thrown in there every once in awhile, but in general, Old Spice will just fill your Twitter feed with dad-esque jokes.

5. @hotpockets

Did you think you left hot pockets behind with middle school? Think again! The brand is still very much around, and they boast a hefty following of 17.6K users.

6. @DosEquis

If a brand already has killer marketing in place, it tends to carry over well to its corporate Twitter account. And let me tell you, Dos Equis has killer marketing. Who doesn’t love the most interesting man in the world? If you’re a fan of the ad campaigns, you’ll get a lot more where that came from with the Dos Equis Twitter account.

7. @Delta

It’s hard to be an airline on Twitter. Most spend their time fielding customer complaints, and no customers are unhappy like airline customers. Delta, however, handles complaints with grace and gives its followers some entertaining tweets along the way.

8. @Oreo

The Oreo Twitter account achieved fame after the blackout incident of Super Bowl XLVII, and it hasn’t disappointed since. Great pictures, videos, and jokes await you with this corporate Twitter account.

9. @Arbys

Arby’s does a pretty hilarious job of creating art with its menu items. Who doesn’t love that?

10. @CocaCola

For a soft drink, Coca Cola does a pretty great job of keeping up with pop culture. Follow the account for funny pop culture related gifs, photos, and videos.

11. @toptalllc

If you’re into programming and technology, Toptal is the account you need to follow. Every day, you’ll get a different blog post about a different new technology, programming language application, or set of tips and tricks. It’s a very handy way for software developers and designers to stay on top of their game. Not to mention, the accompanying illustrations are pretty incredible.

12. @salesforce

Salesforce is a great account to follow if you want to learn more about promoting your business. Content includes information about what customers want, current digital marketing trends, and the kind of online ads that work best.

13. @CNN

The CNN Twitter account will keep you updated on all the latest news, so you can keep yourself generally informed on happenings all over the world. Most tweets also include pictures and video.

14. @Pillsbury

A great account to follow for recipes, but you might not want to check it if you haven’t eaten in a few hours, since most recipes are accompanied by mouthwatering images.

15. @treehouse

Treehouse is another great option for programming enthusiasts that is geared more towards beginners than Toptal’s account. The company’s Twitter feed includes helpful tutorials, so you can get started in any programming language. Recent videos include instruction in AngularJS and Swift.

16. @Etsy

Etsy’s Twitter account is a great source to visit if you’re in need of unique gift ideas. The company’s feed features a wide variety of different items featured on its website that you might not be able to find otherwise.

17. @intel

Followers of Intel will learn about all kinds of ways different people are using the company’s technology. Recent examples include a 15 year old who built a microwave and an Australian surfer who makes 360-degree HD videos.

18. @TEDTalks

This one is a no-brainer – who doesn’t love a good tech talk? You can learn about things like why wine tastes better when you think it’s more expensive and how you might be 3D printing your clothes at home pretty soon.

19. @WholeFoods

Need to brush up on menu items to prepare for the holidays? Or the best gifts to bring your host? Whole Foods has all the answers.

20. @SpaceX

SpaceX is always up to something pretty cool and interesting, such as the first SpaceX mission to fly Astronauts to the ISS. The account also posts pretty awesome pictures of launches, tests, and new technologies.

21. @Petco

What’s not to love about a twitter account that posts pictures of animals all the time?

22. @Photoshop

Photoshop’s tweets not only come with beautiful images enhanced by the tool, but their tweets often feature new tips and tricks that you can use with your own photoshop work. Talk about inspiration.

23. @NatGeoPhotos

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone loves the beautiful photos featured in National Geographic, so why wouldn’t you want to see them featured in your Twitter feed every day?

24. @nytimestravel

If you’ve got a strong case of wanderlust, this is the twitter account for you. New York Times Travel posts breathtaking pictures from all over the planet, so you can feel like you’re traveling the world without leaving your Twitter feed.

25. @Habitat_org

Habitat builds houses for those in need all over the world. By following their account, you can learn about the most recent projects and how you can help by giving back.

26. @WWF

The World Wildlife Fund is on a pretty important mission to save all the animals, and its Twitter account is a great way to see what the organization is up to.


If you want to know how to help children all over the world, UNICEF is a great organization to follow on Twitter. The account can help you learn about some great ways you can make a difference in the world.

28. @the1010project

If fighting poverty is your goal, be sure to follow the 1010 Project. The organization aims to empower local leaders and break the cycle of poverty for good.

29. @anitaborg_org

Maybe you’re passionate about women in technology? If so, the Anita Borg Institute is another great account to follow.

30. @LEVIS

Levis will give you all the information on sales you need, so you’ll never have to buy jeans at full price again. The company’s feed is full of other handy tips and tricks as well, such as how to use a bandana as creative giftwrap.

32. @Starbucks

Starbucks frequently tweets deals that are going on in stores, as well as delicious drink recipes. It’s a win-win.

33. @WarbyParker

Need a new eye wear? Follow Warby Parker for the latest deals and trends in fashionable eye glasses.

34. @hm

We already love H&M for being relatively inexpensive, but following the company’s Twitter account can help make the brand even more affordable. You can also get tips on styling your favorite purchases.

35. @NASA

Who doesn’t want to learn about space?? Followers will get information on some of NASA’s current missions, awesome photos from space, and some throwbacks that detail the space program’s past projects.

36. @google

Google is always up to something exciting. Follow the company’s Twitter account to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings.

37. @Nike

Need some fit-spiration? No better place to turn than Nike!

38. @patagonia

Patagonia will make you feel like anything is possible, plus they use their social media platform to try to achieve some good. What’s not to love?

39. @DisneyPixar

Disney-Pixar always makes us feel a little better about life, and their Twitter account surely doesn’t disappoint in that realm.

40. @MalalaFund

Where better to find inspiration than from a fund started by an 18 year old who’s already changing the world?

Introducing Twitter’s Latest Polling Feature

Twitter Logo

Recently, Twitter has announced they support a native polling feature for users.

Previously, people used to run polls in Twitter using the RT and Favourite buttons. However, this type of polling wouldn’t produce accurate results. Now, all users – including those in Australia – are now able to create their own polls via the Twitter website or mobile apps.


Creating a poll on Twitter

Users can vote on any poll, and the way an individual voted is not shared publicly.


Poll result

With just a couple of taps, you can weigh in on all the topics you deeply care about. Take a look at the video below:

Harnessing Twitter’s Power With Zero Budget (Infographic)


If you are a beginner in Twitter marketing and want to leverage your business using this micro-blogging service, then today’s infographic might be appropriate for you.

Whether you are trying to deliver a promising campaign or have been tasked with handling your company’s social media accounts, harnessing Twitter’s power is a great way to gain visibility and engagement for you and your business. After all, having the tricks to use social media and manage real-time conversations has been named one of the top skills today’s candidates should have.

As Twitter and other social media platforms continue to become an integral part of the customer service and marketing process, knowing how to reach goals with little to no budget can make you an important part of any business. Here are some tips and tools that anyone can use to become a Twitter marketing pro.


Click to Enlarge

Infographic credit: Salesforce

Does Twitter Seriously Decide To Remove Its Share Counts?


It seems like the latest Twitter’s update is not so favourable for some publishers.

Twitter is getting rid of the share counts in its sharing buttons and affecting publishers, including The Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly that used to show that count on its article pages.

Twitter revealed the change in a blog post Oct. 6 and since then, the numbers have been disappearing from its social share buttons that often sit atop a story alongside ones from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other sharing platforms. The move affects total share counts, even if they’re not broken down by share button, leading to grousing from publishers, who say the data was important not only as an internal guidepost of what content is performing well but as a way to promote content with readers by showcasing its popularity.


Twitter based the move to technical reasons, saying it decided to discontinue the feature to speed up improvements in its technology and that the API that publishers were using to pull in the article shares count was an unofficial hack, anyway. Although conveniently, Twitter provides the data for a fee from its data service Gnip.

Responding To Latest Facebook “Reaction”, Twitter Is Also Testing With Emoticons

Twitter Logo

What’s up with the latest Twitter emojis update?

But then, of course, the change wasn’t designed with regular users in mind. The social microblogging company made the change in order to boost the platform’s appeal to new users, based on the fact that the heart emoji is the most used across Twitter and is a more universally recognised symbol. Twitter supported this further last week, saying that the heart is already being used more than the star was, justifying their logic (though it’s very early days and much of that response is likely driven by novelty value).

Still, if you’re still feeling stung by the change, there may be an offering on the horizon that could ease your troubles when deciding whether to click on that icon or not. Much like Facebook is doing with their new emoji response functionality ‘Reactions’, Twitter is reportedly experimenting with a new emoji response mechanism that would enable users to choose their own reaction to a post. No longer would you have to use the ‘heart’ to signal your appreciation, you may soon be able to use one of 36 different icons to convey your emotional response to a tweet.


The new option is currently in ‘pre-user testing’ mode. As you can see here, there appear to be 12 options per page, and three pages, giving the user 36 potential emoji to use to respond to a tweet. @_Ninji noted that once selected, the emoji response replaces the ‘heart’ symbol on the tweet.

One of the more interesting wrinkles of this plan would be the amount of data Twitter could glean from the application of such responses. Twitter’s been pushing to increase the value of their data of late, yet they’re somewhat challenged in this regard due to the fact that virtually all of their information and insight is posted publicly, therefore freely available to anyone who wants to track it. This makes it harder for Twitter to generate significant profit from their data options – while Facebook and LinkedIn, for example – have built in their networks, and thus restricted access to their valuable audience insights, Twitter has, by design, gone the opposite direction. This means that Twitter has effectively reduced the potential value of their data – though, the counter to that is that Twitter wouldn’t exist if they’d taken any other approach.

Given the trend and the evidence found here (including the suggestive statement from Twitter), it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see this functionality rolled out for testing sometime in the near future. Seasoned Twitter users will probably hate it – but as with the heart, it’s not all about them.