Guest Post: Zoom Into The 2017 Video Marketing Trends (Infographic)



Infographic credit: Social Paragon

1 thought on “Guest Post: Zoom Into The 2017 Video Marketing Trends (Infographic)”

  1. Video marketing trends aren’t about video technology, effects or animation. They’re real shifts in the video marketing industry that will help you better understand your audience’s preferences, habits, and how video can help move the needle and drive ROI for your business. Having video in the marketing field will drive more self-services sales processes, consumers will expect to be in video format, the video quality will trump video quantity, it will continue to become a larger piece of the content marketing pie, More brands will prioritize creating a Video Strategy, Sales process videos will become a higher priority, and more. Video is beginning to dominate the world of digital content. Prospects are expecting it, social media platforms are boosting it, and businesses of all sizes are using it to get real, measurable results.

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