10 Great Magento Themes For Your E-Commerce Website



Magento has gained its reputation as a smooth, flexible and powerful CMS for e-commerce platform.

In today’s competitive online world, business owners must be cautious on updating their websites so they can outperform what end-users expect from them. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, at least for those running on the Magento platform.

Various themes can be added to your website to create dynamic features and appropriate online traffic for your business. That’s the main reason why Magento theme development has now become an important part of the strategy owned by SEOs in developing a website. There are a number of professional theme developers especially for the Magento platform which provide you with the latest trends and themes. This ultimately helps in enhancing your online business as well as the future needs of the company.

While the traditional Magento theme consists of a plain white background with simple navigation, it allows you to customise the colors very easily. There are other types of themes that can prove to be helpful for the e-commerce sites. In today’s post, we will examine ten popular Magento themes that you might find useful for developing your website.



This is a flexible, user-friendly and fast responsive Magento theme. Everything is responsive in this theme at such an extent that all the tables also respond. All pages are fully customised right from catalog pages to customer account pages and many more. Tabs on pages are displayed on pages according to the screen size.



It is a premium multipurpose responsive Magento theme along with advanced admin module. It’s a pretty consumable, easy-to-use and fully responsive theme which is suitable to almost every kind of online store.



A theme developed by joomlart.com, it is a highly responsive Magento theme. The JM craft is a theme loaded with features perfect for any online craft shop. It can be a perfect theme for those who want to impress their buyers by providing an artistic and vivid experience.

JM craft theme is fully equipped with extensions like homepage slideshows, smoother color customisation, catchy titles and graphics and quick view features for viewer’s convenience.



Le-Santana is a primary responsive and retina ready Magento theme including clean, modern and elegant designs. It was designed with an aim to make user experience and usability easy and quick with respect to Magento shopping. It can be easily customised and fully responsive and comes with a lot of features.



Awesome can said to be a next-gen multipurpose Magento theme. This theme is very easy to set up so you can’t set your website in just a couple of minutes. It is customisable and suitable for any kind of device. This theme is a general purpose theme which can be customised and tailored for high-level Magento stores. Awesome Magento theme has been tested and designed to be surely responsive so it works and displays flawlessly on all types of devices.



If you are looking for a street-style fashion store then JM Siotis is the best option for you. JM Siotis includes six exciting features like JM Mega Menu, JM Products slider, JM Slideshow2, JM Product, JM Quick Buy and the awesome JM Basetheme. Due to this you get unlimited options and choices so you can customise your site with less effort.

This is the only theme which supports off-canvas menu that is used in mobiles and tablet devices. It also comes with a Quick Buy module, which supports transitions and effects specifically developed for this particular theme.



This is Magento’s latest theme, which consists of layout, speed, nonstandard solutions which can catch the eyes of customers. This is an innovative Magento theme designed by expert and experienced developers.



Gala Vineyard is a special theme that is designed to keep themes clean and neat with maintaining its spirit. A combination of black and white can create a strong personality for shops like that of wine/alcohol.

3-D effects and transitions will create such beautiful visuals that you can ever imagine. You can logically store all your categories and add many levels and columns by using Mega menu and Mega menu builder. By the feature of automatically resizing at different resolutions, it can comfortably load on any device and give the best appearance on all devices.



This theme is specifically designed for stores of cameras, mobiles, and hi-tech gadgets. Based on Leo framework this theme is fully responsive and looks perfectly in every device.

This theme comes with five spectacular theme colors, flexible layout and mega-menu support. The Ves theme module makes is easy for you to control template direction, changing theme, and template width via updating few configuration without hacking, customising the code.



This is an online Bookstore Magento theme for Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6 and Magento 1.7. Having a fresh and clean design can help you easily customise templates.