10 Top Tools To Test Website Loading Time



The time in which your website uploads is crucial not only for retaining your site visitors but also for improving your online website ranking. Each and every millisecond of loading time matters.

No matter how good your site is, people don’t have patience to wait even for minutes to see if your site is loading or not.

There are some really useful online Free tools for checking your website loading time that we have listed here. Besides telling you the loading time, some of these tools also gives you comparison facility to check your stats with your competitor and even tells what object (CSS, Flash, Heavy images, Frames, Javascript, Feeds etc to name a few) is stopping your website to load perfectly on desired time.

Pingdom Tools – Full page test

The Full Page Test loads a complete HTML page including all objects (images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes). It mimics the way a page is loaded in a web browser. The load time of all objects is shown visually with time bars.

More Information on Pingdom Tools – Full page test

OctaGate SiteTimer

OctaGate SiteTimer aims at web site developers that needs to get a birds eye view of their work.

More Information on OctaGate SiteTimer


The full page-test tool lets you test the load time and speed of a complete HTML page of your website, including all objects such as images, frames, CSS style sheets, Flash objects, RSS feeds and Javascript files.

More Information on Uptrends

Internet Supervision

Free Internet Web Server Monitoring Tool. Check how your site is getting loaded in different geographical areas.

More Information on Internet Supervision

Link Vendor

The website speedtester shows the duration of a given website. This value can be used for showing how long a website take to load and if it is better to optimize the website or change a (slow) ISP.

More Information on Link Vendor

Website Optimization

Free web site speed test to improve website performance.

More Information on Website Optimization


With Site-Perf.com, you get an accurate, realistic, and helpful estimation of your site’s loading speed.

More Information on Site-Perf

i Web Tool

Find out how fast your website loads. Too slow? Perhaps you need to optimize the page or move to a faster server.

More Information on i Web Tool


Compare your site’s performance. Help others find out how quick their site is. You can also compare your site with competitor’s site.

More Information on Webslug

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