10 Ways to Allocate Your Budget for Social Media Marketing (Infographic)



Nowadays, people are spending a significant part of their time on social media. Unfortunately, this fruitful fact is often ignored by most startups and business owners due to their lack of awareness and courage to place a bigger bet on social media marketing.

Most social media users are on Facebook and other social media apps for an average of 50 minutes each day. With over two new members per second signing up to join LinkedIn, it’s no wonder that advertising on these social media platforms has become a major point of interest. As users are already engaged in these websites, half the battle has already been won. That said, the number of social media sites can make it difficult to assess which advertising methods are worth your budget.

Fortunately, determining where to allocate your social media budget isn’t too difficult once you start thinking of social platforms as separate entities, and not under one big social umbrella. It all starts with comparing data, and then looking separately at your advertising options for each network. Take a look at the following infographic and you’ll find that this process is well worth your efforts.


Infographic credit: Salesforce