20 Amazing Designs of Simple Mobile UI


One of the most overlooked idea in web design is simplicity. Some of the best web and mobile app designs have a very limited colour range. Take a look at Facebook or Twitter’s logo. Two or three colours can be more than enough. A restrained selection to colour works well, especially on simple interfaces. The use of colour in design is a bit like great music, where balance, contrast, restraint and dissonance all come into play.

In this post, you will find twenty examples of mobile interfaces that primarily focus on two or three colours, along with plenty of neutral space, and a lack of unnecessary clutter. In other words: simple and minimal design. Less is more. We’ll begin our list with:

1. Paratt

This is a very clean and content-focused mobile interface. It allows product imagery and logos to inject more colour into the overall look and feel.

2. Help Make It

This app uses a blend of black, white and peppermint, alongside with distinctive typography.

3. Anhanguera

Anhanguera’s brand colours are reflected throughout its mobile site. It regularly inverts these three core colours, to mix things up for the user.

4. Fashion Adviser

This app designer also knows that various shades of grey work a treat alongside hot pink.

5. Guide

This app uses its third colour as a kind of navigational anchor for the eye.

6. SnelTrein

One of the nicest train app in the world.

7. PrivatBank

Icons are proving increasingly popular. Big icons don’t require any labels, and are better still.

8. Bitcoin app

The interface design is surprisingly clean and strident typography. This is also a good example of reversing out colours.

9. Paywholla

Very clean and very flat color. A little bit dull, though.

10. The Corner

How’s this for minimal? The monochrome, type-driven approach may be too cold for some people. It looks fit for purpose.

11. Peek Calendar

This certainly appears to be a rather elegant way of expanding content on a mobile device. Not a new stuff.

12. DNB

This app design has three main colours to establish a compelling visual experience for users. This makes good use of limited screen estate, with clear navigation prompting the user into action.

13. Swing

Swing is a concept for a music app that has embraced flat design. No visual clutter. Lots of black, white and red, with images once again used to add colour.

14. Target

Target’s in-store mobile app relies on three main colours, and is very big on iconography, a trend in modern web design.

15. Fantasy League App

Really nice typography, plenty of space, and another example of trichromatic design.

16. Airwala

What a beautiful design for a travel app. Typography is design.

17. Outfit Of The Day

This fashion app is big on iconography and a subtle colour palette, allowing the high quality imagery to stand out.

18. MenuSpring

A good-looking app aimed at restaurants.

19. Coffee App

Skinny, lightly-coloured fonts against a dark background can provide poor contrast, but the full size screenshots look better.

20. Unvit

An easy-on-the-eye app for connecting up multiple social networks. Icons, plenty of space, and shades rather than mutliple colours.