Using Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords when Blogging



When writing your posts around predetermined keywords and phrases, remember to use long-tail keywords for better search traffic to your website or post. For example, on a post about IT content relating to “Data Recovery,” instead of using “Data Recovery” for the title of the post, since you have an opportunity to use a valuable local search phrase in a title and file name, “Oklahoma Computer Data Recovery” would be ideal and more likely to become a search term by a consumer than the shorter keyword. This is easier to do in the title (or name) of your blog post than in the body content, obviously, because it doesn’t require any sentence or grammar / structure rewriting.

If I’ve lost you already, check out these helpful outside sources on their definitions for long-tail and short-tail keywords:

When you think about it, when you are doing a local search for let’s say a local lawncare company in Tulsa, you may type in Tulsa LawnCare, Tulsa Lawncare Company, Tulsa Lawn Maintenance, Tulsa Weed Control Service, etc. You wouldn’t just type in Lawncare, because it would display national results, and that doesn’t help you when you are looking for a lawncare company to serviceyour lawn.

However, if you are looking for a web design company to develop a website for your company, as a business owner, if it doesn’t matter to you where the web design company is located, you could just search for web design company,web designer, web design firm, etc., because it would be okay to display and view some national results. Yet, if you are looking for a local service provider for your new company website, you need a long tail keyword such as Tulsa web design company or Tulsa website design firm.

This concept about how searches will be displayed using long tail and short tail keywords needs to be in the front of your mind when you are developing content / writing copy for a web page or blog post. If the company website you’re working on provides a local service and your market is the local Tulsa market, then all of your content on the web page or blog entry needs to containlongtail keywords such asTulsa computer PC sales,computer network design company Tulsa, etc. You would NOT want to use “PC sales” as a tag or keyword on a blog or web page, nor would you want to use “network design company.” The terms are simply too broad and the search results would be in the millions.

Thinking ahead and staying a step ahead of your potential website visitors will mean making search easier for them, and more website conversions for you! Remember: content is king, but optimized content is the conquering king. Yes that’s corny and I just made it up.

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