4 Excellent Techniques to Convert Social Media Fellowships into Buying Leads



Social media has become the biggest trend these days. Most businesses have competed to build their social media presence. However, many people still shied away from social media because of its questionable ROI (return on investment).

As more and more companies are looking to monitor their marketing efforts, it’s important to ensure that your social media engagement is more than just a popular post on your Facebook page or a video that got a lot of views. What most people might think that the only way to capture leads on social media is by advertising. While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media sites offer highly-targeted ad platforms, there are some simple tactics you can try today without spending a dime.

In today’s post, we will share four excellent techniques to turn your social media channels into a reliable leads generator. Let’s start

1. Master The Inner Power of UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) Linking


With this latest tracking method, you can modify the URL you are promoting on social media to better see where your traffic is coming from in Google Analytics or your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Add several UTM parameters to every link you tweet or every Facebook post to see what social networks are driving the most traffic and what content is most popular with your audience. This way, you can spend more time on the social networks that send interested visitors to your website than blindly beating around in the bush.

2. Craft a Specifically Targeted Contest


Did you know that targeted contests contribute 35 percent conversion rate from your visitor traffic? People always love the chance to win free branded products or other prizes, so try embedding a contest form on your social media page to capture leads without sending them to another website. Be careful since leads generated from contests are generally less qualified because they’re only interested in the free incentive, so prepare to nurture these prospects a bit more before the final sale. Also, you need to pay attention to each social media site’s policy, since some of them have strict rule regarding contest. You don’t want to get banned because of violating their policy.

3. Never Underestimate Twitter’s Power


Twitter might short and concise, but sometimes less is more. Researching some relevant hashtags and interacting with prospects and top players in the game might give you fruitful result in the end. Once you are in “the right circle”, start sharing some relevant branded content to drive interested visitors to your website. Relevancy is the key here. You want to gain some credibility in the discussion first, otherwise you’ll just end up spamming people.

4. Optimise Your Website


This is the final, indisputably technique. No matter how good you execute the three above techniques, everything will crumble if your website is – let’s put it in a mild way – badly optimised. This is the place where your efforts so far conclude. Make your landing page (or better, the ENTIRE website) as best as you can and you’ll be loved by your customers in no time. If you’re promoting a piece of content, send your prospects to a targeted landing page with an optimised web form. Don’t scare your leads away with a long and annoying form that asks a lot of questions. Use conditional (or field) logic to show and hide certain questions on your form based on how they fill it out. Studies have shown that it can increase form completion and lead capture by up to 50%.