5 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2016 Marketing Plan



An effective digital marketing campaign will bring you more visibility online, more leads for your business, and more profits.

In today’s post, we will share five effective ways of improving your digital marketing strategy.

1. Improve Your Customer Acquisition Process

Many businesses focus a lot on getting more traffic to their website but forget to create a plan for what to do with that traffic once it arrives. It’s essential that you have a predefined customer acquisition strategy in place before jumping right in to email blasts and other undefined marketing campaigns. This means that you need to invest time in collecting data on your target customers, it’s a common error in today’s digital marketing arena.

Ensure that anyone landing on your website knows exactly how you can help them and what to do next now that they’re here. Should they sign up for your e-mail list? Book a consultation? Buy something? You need to be really clear about exactly what you want people to do once they land on your site.

2. Improve Engagement

People tend to do business with brands that they know and like. Because of this, improving engagement on your website and social media accounts will make your business more attractive to potential customers. Take the time to reply to all inquiries from your website or social media accounts promptly, and interact with followers. Called “relationship marketing” by some in the industry, focusing on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement via email, social media, etc. essentially improves engagement by extending the reach of your sales force.

3. Improve Retention Rates

Once a person lands on your website, are they immediately hitting the “back” button on their internet browser and returning to Google? Are they sticking around a while? Take a look at your analytics data to find out what’s going on, and where you can improve. For instance, if you see that many of the informational pages on your website are not getting read and customers are leaving quickly, do something to improve the user experience on that webpage so that you’ll retain those visitors long enough for them to do what you want them to do (i.e. buy something, sign up for your e-mail list, book an appointment etc.). One solution? Hire an expert. SEO companies can do the leg work for you to bring in customers and retain them, just make sure you ask the right questions before hiring an SEO company to make sure they are the right fit for your needs.

4. Track the Results

Every time you implement a new digital marketing strategy, be clear about what your desired results are and track whether or not the strategy was effective. This will help you to stay laser-focused on strategies that work, and avoid wasting time on those that aren’t. A/B split testing is a very effective method of finding out which strategies are the best. For example, you might post 2 different versions of a post on social media to find out which one resonates better with your audience. You could also have 2 different sales pages on your website and test which version led to more profits. You can run 2 versions of an online ad, and measure which one led to more conversions on your website. The possibilities are endless, but can lead to profitable results!

5. Know Your Target Audience

Every business owner knows that they need to know their customer, but many forget about this when building their digital marketing strategies. Pay close attention to how your target audience responds to your digital marketing efforts and adjust your strategies as needed. Start experimenting with ways of improving engagement, customer retention and acquisition processes, plus tracking the results and learning more about your target audience. It won’t take long for you to notice results from your efforts, and you can take the profits all the way to the bank.