5 Wonderful Tips To Keep Your SEO Strategy Simple


In SEO world, with all of its complex algorithms and audience interaction, the “less is more” philosophy works wonderfully.

The main premise of search engine optimisation (SEO) is quite simple: you will rank higher if you give better, more relevant experience to your prospects and audiences. Still, there’s more strategies and tricks you can use to elevate your rank on search engines, including detailed content, offline campaign, combined with additional strategies like email and social media. In today’s post, we will share five tips to keep your SEO strategy as simple and effective as possible.

1. Produce better content for better readership

First and foremost, you need to focus on your content marketing strategy. The quality of your content is very important. Spend more time creating better content. You should optimise for your readers rather than search engines. Try narrowing your content type on what your reader base wanted to read, rather than what you think a search engine would like to see. You’ll end up seeing better results that way.

2. Minimise your plugins and tools usage

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing tools out there to help you gaining the best result possible. However, trying to use all of them simultaneously will mislead your aim. Try reducing the number of tools you use only to what’s absolutely necessary.

3. Keep your keywords as simple as possible

Most SEO marketers are distracted from their main aim to find a collection of potential keywords and phrases to target. This remains one of the most important elements of any SEO strategy, but that doesn’t mean it has to take all of your attention. Instead of looking for details, generating lists of thousands of potential phrases and ensuring they each appear a certain number of times, focus on high-level targets are more important. Choose some good words, captions or catchphrases (they don’t have to be perfect) and build your strategy around them. Remember, overly precise keyword targets won’t help you perform any better.

4. Pay attention to important details only

Multiple performance indicators and data can be used to track your progress and set a course for your future strategy. However, if you report on too many metrics, you’ll start noticing contradictions and fuzzier lines between the numbers. Instead of targeting all these metrics at once, narrow your focus to only a handful of them. Establish early on which metrics are going to mean “success” for your business, and zoom in on them.

5. Don’t try too hard to keep up with the latest “trend”

Getting familiar with the latest news on the SEO world is necessary, as you want everything going well. However, trying too hard to keep up with the latest SEO “trend” won’t get you anywhere. Handling an SEO campaign is a complex task. For most small businesses, once a week is more than enough, and once a month is often a better fit. It doesn’t mean that spending less time on your SEO strategy is a good thing. It’s worth to know that doing more internal efforts like writing content and building links will almost certainly pay off rather than just adapting with the latest Google algorithm. You need to focus your effort to only the strategies that are most efficient. The more efficient you are in your SEO work, the higher ROI you’re likely to get.

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