60 Seconds Instagram Video Will Be Available For Everyone



Here are two good reasons why you need to keep your faith on Instagram: they haven’t changed their algorithm (yet) and the video duration will be extended to 60 seconds.

Last month, Instagram announced a new 60-second video ad option, extending the options beyond their 15-second and 30-second variants. T-Mobile was one of the first companies to take up the option, launching an extended version of their Super Bowl commercial featuring musician Drake.

Today, Instagram has said that this new, extended video option will be made available to all users, increasing both the capacity and potential for video content on the platform.

Looking to expand video capabilities on the platform makes sense, as the time people spend watching video via the app has increased 40% in the last six months. Those numbers are no real surprise. The wider trend towards video content is prevalent across all social platforms and all of them are looking for ways to better facilitate video to work with evolving growing demand. Following the update of longer video, Instagram is also adding in the capacity (in iOS at least) to make videos out of existing clips in your camera roll. Users will be able to trim video clips, re-arrange them, add filters and captions. Basically, you’ll be given enhanced capacity to build video clips right from your phone, which should lead to some more interesting and engaging video experiments on the platform.

The new additions present some interesting options for the platform, particularly as it moves through its user experience transition in coming months.