7 Email Tips And Trick For Productive Entrepreneurs (Infographic)



Without doubt, email management is one of the most important skill every business executives must have.

Nowadays, email has become the go-to source of communication. Some of us have learned to handle it in ways that doesn’t stun our productivity, while some still have no idea. The following infographic contains some tips and tricks to help you manage the inbox madness and become an insanely productive entrepreneur in the process.

Here are some important points:

  • Unsubscribe from email lists. Are you on a lot of email newsletter lists? Use Unroll.me to remove yourself quickly, and breathe instantly.
  • Use the “One click” rule. Once opened, you either reply/forward, archive, or delete the email. That’s it. Never close and come back to it later!
  • Stop using your inbox as your to-do list. Your email inbox is for correspondence not for managing your workflow. Use post-it’s, a notepad, or a mobile app o create to-do lists, not your inbox.
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Infographic credit: Chris Ducker.