A Quick Look On The Potential Of Local Search (Infographic)



Why local SEO is so important?

If you have a store, you want local people to find your business, so they become your loyal customers. You want them to keep coming back and tell their friends good things about your business. If your business is difficult to find when they look up local services, your business suffers.

Even if you are hiring an SEO agency to manage your local strategy, you need to understand why these factors matter to your business. This is basic marketing stuff, since it affects the point of contact between you and potential customers.

Online search is like a constantly evolving organism, and the local search space is no different. With continual changes to search algorithms and result displays, staying on top of the local search game is a full-time task. In the following infographic, The Website Marketing Group blog team break down some key points on local search, consumer attitudes, the move to mobile and ways to improve local search performance.

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