Are You Putting Your Customers First?



In today’s age of digital innovation, it’s very important to put your customers as the first priority of what you do.

Customer-centric attitude is essential to any solution you create for customers. To ensure this approach is followed carefully, you need to create a Customer Centric Focus statement (CCF) for every new solution or new feature you create.

A CCF is a single, concise sentence that describes what the experience should look like for the customer. It is a good way to take the time to distill how the solution should look for the customer while maintaining its value at the same time.

However, creating a clear, concise and reliable CFF statement is not easy. The best approach is to spend time with your customers in their environment as much as you can with the aim of answering these three main questions:

1. Who are they?

Many businesses are just blindly guessing who their customers are. They pretend to have an extensive range of knowledge about customers and prospects, while in reality they are not grounded in data. The risk of not knowing specific details of your customers is that you can’t customise new products or solutions that are specifically personalised and tailored to their needs. You need to know who are your target audience is and what are their problems. This way, you will be able to deliver the right solution for them.

2. What is their goal?

Instead of thinking about what the potential product or service should be, think about what the customer is trying to achieve. What is their motivation and what does success look like for them? Are you asking your customers to fill out an online form when they would just prefer to speak to someone for support?

3. How are they going to engage with your solution?

Ask to yourself, do you really understand the environment your customers will be in when using your product or service? Will they be in the office, at home or on the road? Describe the user experience and the emotions they may go through while being in this environment. If you can craft the desired experience, your solution will not only fit in to the customer’s natural process of what they do with you, but will address some key points that make their interaction with you easier.


The next time you embark on developing a new product or service for your business, start with crafting your own Customer Centric Focus (CCF) statement. Get your customers involved in the conversation and you’ll achieve success in no time.