“Australian Made” Labels Has Turned Off Younger Generations


Less than half of Australia’s Generation Z are showing any preference for Australian made goods. Recent research discovered that 71% of the population tried to buy Australian-made goods as much as possible. However, this figure has dropped down to just 49% among Generation Z.

“In our increasingly globalised society, the classic ‘True-Blue’ Aussie spirit is not as pervasive (or influential) as it once was, particularly among the younger generations who have grown up accustomed to a marketplace where Australian-made is just one of many options. Whether it’s mobile phones, clothing or household items, most are labelled as being made overseas. Far from consciously deciding to avoid buying Australian-made, younger generations are often given no choice: the type of products they buy just are not manufactured in Australia (or if they are, they will be more expensive). This is especially pertinent when considering the younger generation’s enthusiasm for high-tech items such as Apple products” said Warren Reid, a group account manager consumer products from Roy Morgan Research.

“Patriotic” consumers are found in the older generations with 86% of pre-boomers and 82% of baby boomers agreeing with the ‘try to buy Australian-made products as often as possible’ statement. As well as being older, those with a clear preference for locally made goods also often live in rural areas.