Australia’s Bigcommerce Has Secured A Partnership Deal With China’s Retailer Company, Alibaba



Forming a partnership recently, Alibaba will incorporate its buyer and supplier network with Bigcommerce’s e-commerce platform.

Australia-based e-commerce company, Bigcommerce, has announced a new partnership with China’s giant Alibaba on Wednesday. This will provide both companies a greater global access to products and services.

“With this Alibaba partnership, we are helping our merchants grow their online businesses every step of the way — from sourcing to selling. Alibaba provides access to the world’s largest network of suppliers and manufacturers of goods that will help our merchants build their online presence and expand into new revenue opportunities,” said Eddie Machaalani, the co-founder and CEO of Bigcommerce.

Latest research has revealed that 84% of online sellers find that establishing a drop ship supplier or wholesaler relationship is the biggest roadblock to starting an online business. This move brings together online businesses with trusted suppliers to make it easier to find, purchase and stock products from all over the world, added the official note.

“We are partnering with Bigcommerce to make it easy for our customers to do business anywhere in the world. Alibaba and Bigcommerce together are building an integrated ecommerce ecosystem and helping to introduce more small and medium-sized merchants and online stores to the global market,” said Michael Lee, Alibaba’s Director of Global Marketing and Business Development.

Over 55,000 Bigcommerce merchants will be able to source more than 1.5 million products directly from manufacturers around the world. They will have shortened sourcing cycle, access to hard-to-find inventory, simplified buying process and streamlined checkout. Plus, it’s a secure way to connect with trusted suppliers.