Bing Maps Now Able To Predict The Road Traffic



Being one of Google’s toughest competitor, Bing has announced the wholesale redesign of its Maps tool.

In order to better compete against the competition, Bing Maps has been endowed with a wide variety of new features, including new search and personalization capabilities. One of the most useful updates for consumers is the ability to see reviews and photos from partner websites like Yelp directly on Bing Maps when searching a specific company or business. What’s more, to help reduce drive time, Bing Maps now enables users to input the day and time they plan to leave, and using predictive technology, it will show them how long it will take to get there, enabling them to change their route in advance of their travels.

Other new capabilities improved street-side views, the ability to discover venues along the users route as well as the ability to share their destination and travel plans with others.


“When we set out to redesign Bing Maps, we listened to a lot of user feedback. People using a variety of map sites, from a variety of countries, told us what they love about, and what they struggle with when using map services. We heard that people want one experience that brings together the best content in one view, that fully reflects what they are planning, not just their last search. Users want a map experience that is fast and easy to use, and makes the most of the visually rich data that maps can bring to life.”