Bitcoin Statistic Has Gone Through The Roof Again Since Late 2014



In the end of 2015, Bitcoin is making waves by reaching new price heights.

Bitcoin has surpassed the $400 milestone for the second time since 2014. This time, it has surpassed a prior mark, reaching price points not seen since late summer last year. The current price of Bitcoin must be enlightening to its faithful. Here we have Bitcoin doing what most people expected it to do last year.

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As you can see from the graphic above, Bitcoin is indeed enjoying its second peak position. The price of Bitcoin is itself only a single indicator but one that matters. The higher the price of Bitcoin reaches, the more media attention that it is afforded.

Through the recent discussion of Bitcoin and Blockchain, there are numerous discussions of what is fad, what is fact and what is future. It’s fad to argue Blockchain over Bitcoin, it’s fact to say that bitcoin matters as a financial incentive to keep the blockchain operative and it is future to watch bitcoin itself grow despite waht media has said.

So the last few weeks have been good for Bitcoin. New local maxima on the price side? Sold. Rising transaction volume? Easy. Bitcoin is currently confounding both its true believers and its core detractors. The former expected exponential growth. The latter — complete collapse.