Branding and How It Affects Our Business


There are many ambiguities in the terms of brand vs. branding. Brand is the “trademark” owned by the company, while branding is a collection of communication activities undertaken by the company in order to build and raise the brand itself. Without doing prepared and well planned communication activities to consumers, a brand will not be “consumer-friendly” and do not have any meaning for your consumers or target audiences.

Twenty years ago, branding may be optional, where the number of brands in the market is still small and consumers’ choice are also just a few. Consumers tend to “accept” the proposed benefits of the existing brand. However, as time goes by, the market already crowded with many brands. Consumers have many alternatives. They began picking and be critical of the benefits offered to them.

Today, we will share a nice video about what branding actually is and its importance for your company. Take a look at this: