5 Essential Elements Of A Great Brand (SlideShare Presentation)


Great brands have similar characteristics among themselves that distinguish them from the ‘ordinary’ ones.
However, becoming a great brand is not an easy task. You will need a lot of effort and dedication. In today’s post, we present an interesting SlideShare presentation on ‘What Makes A Great Brand’. While many startups and business owners might argue … Continue reading “5 Essential Elements Of A Great Brand (SlideShare Presentation)”

Increasing Brand Recognition via Market Segmentation


Brand Advocates and Social Media

Do social media and brand advocacy sound like strange bedfellows? In fact, they’re not. Being social involves engaging with customers across a huge number of channels — using which networks your customers favor. Social proof causes people to find a third-party independent advocate much more credible than an official company representative. That’s … Continue reading “Increasing Brand Recognition via Market Segmentation”