Content Marketing Versus Traditional Advertising (Infographic)


There is a neverending debate among business owners about the rivalry between content marketing and traditional advertising. Some people say that traditional advertising is more important than content marketing, since it will be likely bring leads to them. However, those who are on content marketing’s side believe that content marketing will bring long term relationship … Continue reading “Content Marketing Versus Traditional Advertising (Infographic)”

Drive Higher Engagement with These Content Types


A Web marketer’s job can be made much easier when meaningful and valuable content is available to promote.
There is no shortage of platforms on which to promote content, or channels through which to promote your content, or ways to construct messages about your content.
But where many Web professionals fall short is in the assembling of … Continue reading “Drive Higher Engagement with These Content Types”

Weekend Warrior: Building Links Post-Panda


If you happened to see Google’s interactive Earth Day doodle on Friday, you undoubtedly noticed the pair of Panda bears frolicking behind the omnipresent “G”. Do not be misled – those cuddly creatures mean business, and they are a not-so-subtle reminder to every company on the Web that the recently updated search algorithm nicknamed Panda … Continue reading “Weekend Warrior: Building Links Post-Panda”

The Discipline of Content Strategy


We, the people who make websites, have been talking for fifteen years about user experience, information architecture, content management systems, coding, metadata, visual design, user research, and all the other disciplines that facilitate our users’ abilities to find and consume content.
Weirdly, though, we haven’t been talking about the meat of the matter. We haven’t been … Continue reading “The Discipline of Content Strategy”