Listen Up, Folks: Google Finally Talks Panda


We’ve written a lot about Google’s recent algorithm update nicknamed Panda and how it might affect businesses on the Web. On Friday, Google officially wrote about the changes for the first time, at least in terms of what it hopes to achieve and how websites can better align themselves with the search engine’s goals.
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Weekend Warrior: Building Links Post-Panda


If you happened to see Google’s interactive Earth Day doodle on Friday, you undoubtedly noticed the pair of Panda bears frolicking behind the omnipresent “G”. Do not be misled – those cuddly creatures mean business, and they are a not-so-subtle reminder to every company on the Web that the recently updated search algorithm nicknamed Panda … Continue reading “Weekend Warrior: Building Links Post-Panda”

Google Analytics, Meet Webmaster Tools


Google continues to provide amazing ways in which search marketing professionals can improve their campaign efforts. The latest is this week’s announcement that webmasters using Google Analytics to track site data can link verified sites in Webmaster Tools when using the same Google account. What does this mean to you?
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Introducing the Google+ Project: Real-Life Sharing


Among the most basic of human needs is the need to connect with others. With a smile, a laugh, a whisper or a cheer, we connect with others every single day.
Today, the connections between people increasingly happen online. Yet the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions are lost in the rigidness of our online tools.
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Google Display Ads


New from Google
Display Ads 101

Get started with Display Ads
Target your audience
Create your custom display ad
Set your bids and budget
Measure your results
Ready, set, go!

Get started with Display Ads, quickly, and easily!
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You can easily build display ads in minutes.
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