Talking Web Design with JB Kellogg

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Web design is a field that is in a constant state of flux. Not only do aesthetics evolve and user preferences change, but these days design is inextricably linked to usability. With that in mind, we talk with JB Kellogg of MadWire Media about what’s new in Web design.
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Trends in Landing Page Design for Search Marketers


Landing pages are critical to the success of search marketing and advertising campaigns. To ensure that the destination where consumers end up post-click presents the best opportunity for conversion, let’s review three current landing page design trends.
When you want to analyze what works best in landing page design, start with the most competitive terms. The … Continue reading “Trends in Landing Page Design for Search Marketers”

Mobile websites a high priority for Australian businesses


Development of mobile websites is high on the agenda for Australian businesses and organisations over the next 12 months, with increasing investment in their web presence a priority for many enterprises.
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