.CO is Exceeding Expectations after One Year


On the heels of .co’s first anniversary, it has proven a very successful year for the young domain extension. A year after .co’s global launch, more than 1 million domain names have been registered, and the first time renewal rate is exceeding expectations, which is currently at 66 percent— and that is without counting late renewals yet. Typically first year domains have a renewal rate in the low to mid 60 percent range, however .co’s renewal rate is expected to be around 68 to 69 percent when all is said and done. Companies that have joined the .co bandwagon include Google, Amazon, Twitter and Overstock, as well as entrepreneurs from more than 200 countries. Currently the U.S. has the most .co domain names registered with almost 52 percent, followed by the U.K. at 13.7 percent, and Canada rounds out the top three with just over 4 percent. During the next year, .co claims that it will focus on enhancing the registrar marketing portal, expanding the global reseller network, launching new marketing campaigns and making tracking progress easier with reports and charts.      

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