Creating A Perfect About Me Page (Infographic)


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If you haven’t updated your “About Me” page in the past year, then you might want to consider some refurbishments.

Most people are probably thinking whether they need to update their “About Me” page, since they’ve taken care of the home page, sales page, and blog. The question is, “why bother”?

Well, the fact is, people who visit your ‘About Me’ page are coming to it from a different place than those who only visit your home page. Most likely, they have seen your name somewhere: A post you shared on Facebook, a comment you left on a website or a tweet you just sent.

These people are commonly known as “warm leads”.  They already know about you, and are intrigued in what you have to offer. With a slick impression in your “About Me” page, a deal is just a click away. Take a look at the infographic below for some nifty tips on this topic.


Infographic credit: Wise Startup Blog