CTRs for Android and iOS Ads Have Increased, Opening More Opportunity to Newcomers



Recently, the CTRs (Click-Through Rates) for mobile ads on iOS devices have reached a new level. The increasing is five times than last year. Meanwhile, the CTRs for Android were nearly three times higher.

Latest report from Fiksu revealed that 7.1 million iOS apps were downloaded daily in March, up 41 percent from a year ago. Fiksu stated that programmatic solutions, better targeting and various ad formats (app install, video ads, and mobile-specific ads) have helped to keep marketing costs manageable even as activity has increased.

The cost per installment that could be directly attributed to advertising for iOS apps has raised up just 2 percent from February to $0.97 in March. On Android, the cost per installment fell 16 percent from February. Here is the detailed report from Fiksu:


On the other hand, the cost per app launch (the indicator of customer engagement and lifetime value) was cheaper on both Android and iOS in March. The cost per launch on Android fell 5 percent from February to $0.10, a drop of 37 percent from the previous year. On iOS the cost fell 10 percent to $0.17, a slight increase of 2 percent year-over-year.


Fiksu stated that the impact from app giants like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo (and soon Google) have had on the market with the introduction of ad formats designed specifically for app marketers. With better resources, “marketers are getting smarter about leveraging the right ad formats, ad creatives and targeting tools to reach the right users. Otherwise, without these optimisation and targeting capabilities, the CPLU Index would have likely seen an increase of 20 percent year-over-year,” the report concludes.