Digital Statistics: Twitch Is Amazon’s Second Biggest Acquisition….For Now



Amazon finally revealed its acquisition list.

Amazon pulled the veil out from under Google on Monday when the company purchased the famous video game streaming site,, for $US970 million in cash. Latest reports said Google would be the one buying Twitch, which was reportedly sought after by Yahoo as well.

The Twitch acquisition is a huge move for Amazon, yet it’s only the second-largest single purchase from the retail giant. Amazon’s biggest acquisition came in 2009, when it picked up Las Vegas-based online shoe shop Zappos, for a whopping $US1.2 billion. Of all of Amazon’s acquisition purchases, however, the most important may have been the 2012 acquisition of Kiva Systems, which created Amazon’s incredibly efficient systems for picking, packing, and shipping items from its gigantic warehouses to consumers’ doors.

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