Dot PRO Domains Are Now Available For Everyone



Want to look like an expert in front of your prospects? The .PRO domain name extension is now an unrestricted top-level domain and open to all registrants.

With the high number of the new top-level domains, interest in domains like (dot) PRO has likely waned, as there are so many viable alternatives. Today, (dot) PRO has just over 120,000 registrations (primarily engineers, doctors and lawyers – those with some type of formal accreditation. That changes with the move to make (dot) PRO an unrestricted top-level domain.

“The very name .PRO communicates professionalism of the highest order,” said Roland LaPlante, CMO at Afilias. “Now pros of all types can quickly and easily communicate their expertise in their email and web addresses with a .PRO name. Beginning today, .PRO names can be registered without the hassle of additional paperwork, making .PRO easy for registrars to service and easy for registrants to buy” he added.

Registration is now available at all .PRO accredited registrars.