Facebook Marketing in 2016 (infographic)


New Facebook Logo

Facebook, as the biggest social media platform on Earth, is constantly evolving and expanding. Ignoring it would not be just a mistake, but a cardinal sin.

In recent years, Facebook’s been improving the experience it provides to its users so they can access a wider variety of content without ever leaving the site. In the past, Facebook has put a significant amount of time and resource into developing its cross-platform mobile app to benefit Facebook members who access the network through smartphones and tablets. Video content is also being accessed on the go, with 75% of Facebook videos occurring on mobile devices, another key area of focus as the platform moves ahead.

Facebook is also looking to provide businesses with new opportunities to communicate directly with their customers via Messenger, enabling them to have personal, real-time conversations. Additional advancements to Messenger include M, a virtual assistant through which users can book tickets, buy products and get recommendations without ever leaving the service.

Do you have any idea how powerful the advantages Facebook can offer? The following infographic examines at some of Facebook’s more recent stats and innovations which will see increasing focus in the months ahead.


Infographic credit: Speech Digital