Facebook Reveals New Mobile Profile Tweak



Here is the latest news from Facebook: it is going to update the mobile profiles with numerous new features, including “profile videos.”

With this new “profile video” feature, Facebook users will be able to add another ‘touch’ to their profile by including a short, looping video clip that plays for anyone who visits the user’s profile page. In addition, Facebook unveiled a new profile picture feature that allows users to set a temporary version of their profile picture that reverts back to their previous picture at a specified time. For instance, someone could temporary change their picture for throwback Thursday (#tbt), or to celebrate a vacation. Take a look at the example below.


In addition to the profile design changes, Facebook also introduced new profile controls that enable users to change the visibility of the fields that are shown at the top of their mobile profile. For example, users can select what “About” details appear, and choose five featured photos to be showcased. It also brought a one-line bio space where users can describe themselves.


Facebook said that it is moving mobile profile pictures and videos to the center of a user’s profile as well as making these images bigger. Additionally, the new appearance is making it easier for users to see mutual friend photos when visiting someone’s profile.

These updates are currently being tested by a small number of iPhone users in the UK and California, but will be rolled out to more people soon.