Father And Son Took The Same Picture For 28 Years – Until The Last One



The art of photography is a strange thing. It makes us contemplate, connect and feel the experience we’ve never experienced before.

Many people think photograph is the preservation of memory. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. The photo will remain the same each time to you look at it, but memories change over time. If you look at your old high school graduation photograph, for instance, you might recolour and change that memory because of your current perspective, new ideas that you have or things that you’ve learned afterwards. Human memory is much more dynamic than photographs are capable of.

However, it doesn’t mean you need to stop taking photos. Photographs are still valuable tools that can provide “lingering, everlasting cuing properties” later on. Instead, it would be better to be more mindful when taking pictures in the first place.

We have no slightest ideas that the new technology is serving the functions of preserving memories quite as well, unless you take the extra step and actually look at the photos, and revive those memories from them. Take a look at one good example we’ve found on 9gag, a popular online platform and social media website.