Five Excellent and Trustworthy Sources For Link Building



If there is one type of link that Google loves, it is an editorially reviewed, contextual backlink.

While many strategies have come and gone over the past decade, the value of a contextual link on a trusted site has remained. In today’s post, we are going to discuss five sources that you can use to earn trusted contextual links to your site.



HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a service that connects journalists looking for information with experts in a variety of fields. You can sign up for free and receive emails a few times each day. All you have to do is sort through the requests from reporters and find topics relevant to your business.

As you can see, all you have to do is respond to the question being posed within the timeframe while ensuring you meet any listed requirements such as response length or deadlines. Even though this seems pretty simple, it can land you links or some major news sites.

2. Radio Guest List


This site is meant to connect people looking for radio or podcast guests with experts in several fields, much like HARO. If you visit the “See new radio interview guest requests” you can view a current list of hosts seeking people to interview.

In most cases your interview will be published to social profiles and the website of your interviewer, resulting in links and increased exposure. Some of the shows are relatively new while others have quite a following. This service like HARO has a free option or you can pick from a few packages to promote yourself as an expert looking for interviews.

3. ProfNet


This service is like a paid version of HARO. The fees vary based upon your organization and other factors so you have to request a customized price quote before signing up for this service. The primary benefit of this service is that since it is paid, you are often competing with fewer people for media placements. If you aren’t getting enough coverage from HARO and Radio Guest List, this could be a good additional to your outreach and PR strategy.

4. SourceBottle


While the three previous services mentioned above communicate opportunities via email, SourceBottle has a searchable database that allows you to find outreach opportunities in several niches with a quick search or you can opt-in to receive alerts for opportunities in your area of interest.

This service is free but they also offer an upgraded version for $25 per month. This upgrade includes them pitching your profile to journalists in your industry. Both the listings and the search features seem to be well put together. This looks to be another solid source for expanding your outreach.

5. Outbrain


Outbrain is a service that allows you to promote your content with ads that are placed near relevant content on major websites. The reason this works really well for link building is because the major sites you are paying to display your ads on are the ones that most commonly rank for major keywords. Someone writing an article is likely to search Google for information which is why sites that rank in the top few positions for high traffic keywords gain more natural links.

In order for your paid ad to get links to your blog, you need to create ad copy that intrigues the blogger to click your ad and read what you have to say. If you have a quality post and a click enticing headline, you can enjoy increased traffic from your ads while earning natural links by being in front of writers conducting research.