Five Wonderful Ways To Create Content That People Love Backlink To



Backlink is infamously known as one technique of ‘black hat’ SEO. However, for search engine optimisation (SEO), content with a good amount of links to it tends to rank well.

When authoritative websites link to a certain piece of content on a website within their story , basically it “tells” Google that the content provides value to others. For this reason, a strong backlink source plays a great role when it comes to where pages will appear in search results on search engines like Google.

Any good piece of content takes effort to create. While the types of content addressed below may be sizeable investments in both time and resources, they have a big chance of ROI. Many marketers have built unique pieces of content time and time again found themselves discouraged by a lack of immediate results. However, slowly they should found that these pieces of content were performing well over time and consistently generated organic traffic months after publishing.

For any business which are looking to link their website’s homepage, specific styles of content tend to work most effectively. In today’s post, you will find five types of content you need to try when developing your content marketing strategy in the future.

1. Special Case Studies

If a company has unique data about a certain initiative it has executed successfully, marketers should be completely transparent with it and use that as a way to attract new users, potential customers and the eyes of others within that industry. Whatever their vertical, brands should treat the case study like they would a scientific case study, but in a manner that makes it easily understood by the readers. Include as many actionable tactics and impressive results as possible. Brands want to showcase how they made improvements to a certain aspect of a business or client’s business so that others can apply it to the needs of their own company, citing it as a resource with a link for their own content marketing initiatives later on.

2. Keyword-Oriented Content

When creating blog posts or written content intended to perform well over time, that contribute to a well-balanced and authoritative backlink profile by attracting natural links, it’s crucial that marketers consider keywords during the curation process. They’ll want to identify keywords that are relevant to their business and the topic they’re addressing and keep them in mind as they start writing. The keywords should occur naturally throughout the content and not over-saturate the material simply for the purpose of inclusion. Ultimately, this makes it more likely for content to appear prominently when users search Google for that specific term.

3. Infographic

An infographic is a substantial investment of resources seeing as brands need to collaborate with a design team in order to make something that people find particularly unique and interesting. That being said if a marketer is designing one, make sure that they have something quotable or material that someone else covering a similar subject would like to include in their own article. Unless one works for a massive brand or a consumer product goods (CPG) company with a household name, his or her company’s expertise alone may not be enough to simply state facts that are validated based on their brand’s influence. Not every company and their employees will be considered thought leaders right away. If marketers make an infographic, they may not be credible enough to attract natural links just because they’re saying something interesting. Instead, it’s best to create content that substantiates bigger ideas, and is backed by trustworthy information from a recognised data provider.

4. FAQ Videos

Answering a FAQ that is relevant to an industry and a business in video form tends to help generate a lot of traffic. While it’s fairly simple to do a standard, written blog post that answers questions many people might have—it’s too common, and thus is harder to attract links to. When marketers are in an environment where it’s typical to try and respond to questions in comments or in blog posts, having a video instead can truly make you stand apart.

5. Breaking News

Injecting an organisation’s ideas and employee expertise into current events or newsworthy items is an effective way to build content that will gain traction as a resource for others. When a newsworthy item breaks that is related to a company’s industry, if their marketers are on the forefront of content creation before a lot of their competitors can do the same, they’ll likely get referenced as other reporters and journalists start shaping out their own articles on that particular subject. Whether they include a link to their content because they are quoting the marketer’s company in it or they link to the post to provide general support and substantiate their own story, the marketer’s enterprise will be receiving links.


Effective content marketing is crucial to the success of any SEO strategy or overall online marketing plan. To enhance the ranking of your content and to produce an increase in traffic to your website, you need links from authoritative platforms. Interestingly, creative content that engages the user will undoubtedly assist in achieving the objectives of your content marketing plan by natural links.

Five Wonderful Ways To Create Content That People Love Backlink To