Four Great Ways To Create Wonderful Content That Your Audiences Will Like



Bloggers, small business owners, and marketers have been struggling with the same problem for years: how to create compelling content.

Why is this such a struggle? Because they’re using the wrong process, or worse, they don’t use a process at all. Some of them simply create content based on assumptions.

For effective content creation, find a process that works and follow it step-by-step. This way, you exponentially increase your likelihood to “win”. Below are four great tips that you can try to create compelling content for your audience.


The first step to creating great content is: know your audience. You need to learn their language, desires, things that resonate with them, and the things they don’t like. The best way to do that is by creating buyer personas.

Buyer personas are semi-fictional characters that represent your prospective customer (or reader). By creating them, you can better understand your audience’s worldview and develop relevant products, services, and content. They also allow you to find the places where your prospective customers hang out. This will help you to determine which marketing channels to use to promote your content, a topic for another blog post.


Once you’ve developed your buyer personas, the next step is to find your audience’s pain points, or problems so you can create the appropriate content. Always remember that the best content is material that your audience can read, understand, and use to solve a specific problem.


Compelling content always starts with the right topic. If you choose a suboptimal topic, your content isn’t going to perform well.

Once you’ve gathered insights from your audience using the recommendations in Step 2, you can then proceed to create a list of topics around that information. An Idea Generator spreadsheet is a great place to brainstorm and save topic ideas. Every time you have a new idea, no matter how small or random, head over to your spreadsheet and save it.

Now you have a list of PROVEN content ideas, because you focused on content you know people like to read and share. If you create fresh content around these topics, it’s very likely your target audience will read and share your materials too.

It’s recommended to schedule a meeting with your team to start brainstorming content ideas based on the list that you created. Once you have some topics in place, it’s time to jump to the next step.


At this point you should have a thorough understanding of your audience and a list of proven topic ideas. Now it’s time to start creating your content. Don’t worry! If you followed the prior steps this will be the easy part.

Whether you’re sharing a video, article, podcast, or image, the CURVE method will make your content stand out. CURVE stands for:

  • C = curiosity
  • U = urgency
  • R = relevancy
  • V = value
  • E = emotion

Although this method was originally created to write compelling email subject lines, it also works extremely well when it comes to content creation. You don’t need all five CURVE elements in every piece of content, however, always try to include the last three – relevancy, value, and emotion. These are the most important elements of content that resonate with readers.