Geolocation Tips: How to Leverage Subscriber Location (Infographic)


Until this day, email marketers are trying to personalise their campaigns to effectively reach their targeted subscriber base. One of the best way to accomplish this is by using the customers’ geolocation to provide subscribers with content relevant for their location.

Among marketers, geolocation is a tool to identify where a subscriber is located and then deliver personalised content or offers tailored content to their location. Using information like IP address, they can customise campaigns and content for certain geographic regions, modify delivery times for particular time zones, and even track offline sales in a particular location. Moreover, with geotargeting, email marketers can more effectively drive in-store foot traffic, attribute online sales to email efforts, and redirect customers to dynamic landing pages specifically designed for target locations.

When working with geolocation data to amplify your email marketing campaigns, consider these best practices for an effective and targeted campaign. Take a look at the following infographic to get a firm grip on how geolocation marketing work.


Infographic credit: Campaigner

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