GeoTrust Cloud Service to Protect Against Malware


Nothing severs the trust that users have for a website quite like hidden viruses that infect their devices. To prevent this potentially disastrous situation from happening, GeoTrust has announced its Web Site Anti-Malware Scan, which is a cloud service that identifies malware to protect website visitors and owners. Malware can come from many different places, such as a site owner that installs a program that mistakenly turns out to be malware, or from hackers that like to exploit website vulnerability. However, this problem can be reduced by using GeoTrust’s Web Site Anti-Malware Scan, which automatically and daily checks up to 50 Web pages for well-known and new malware strains. “Web site owners and visitors alike dread the idea of downloading hidden malware and want to be sure they don’t get hacked,” says Fran Rosch, VP of Symantec Trust Services “By working closely with our channel partners to develop a solution tailored to their customers’ needs, Symantec is maximizing the resources of the channel while positioning its partners to provide an innovative yet simple and affordable security option for web site owners.” With GeoTrust’s service, website owners receive detailed alerts that pinpoint malware infections, allowing for the problem to be solved before it gets out of hand. The solution also provides a GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Seal, which ensures a safe site to visitors.  

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