Google Places Has Been Renamed To Google My Business



Since the introduction of the new algorithm Google Hummingbird last year, many SEO experts have predicted that Google will combine Google Places services with Google+ Local. Guess what? Google actually did. 

Introducing Google My Business, a new upgrade that offers a more simple and easier-to-manage approach than the previous Places and Local, complete with a new dashboard. This big change shows that Google started to realise the importance for brick-and-mortar businesses to have online presence as well. With its latest catchphrase, “Finding Your People”, Google My Business essentially asked business owners to sign up and start listing their business on Google right away.

The most prominent feature of Google My Business is the ability to control all of your listings in one place. The dashboard will be split into several simple call-to-actions, which allowing businesses to customise what users find out about them on Google Search.

Google has stated that they want to help small businesses improve their online presence through SERP since the beginning of this year. Brands and businesses can now interact with their audiences, prospects and loyal customers on Google+, manage reviews and see their Analytics reports all from the same dashboard.

Here is the official Google statement about their new dashboard:

“Our focus is on providing a useful experience to businesses and to empower them to better manage their own information. Businesses that sign up for Google My Business are provided with a Google+ page, but there is always the option to engage with whichever part of the dashboard they choose.”

Google My Business will display your business info on Search, Maps and Google+. This way, customers can find you easily, no matter what device they’re using. You can access Google My Business either from the site or the Android / iOS app from a mobile device.

Here is the promotional video of Google My Business: