Google Search Now Allows Users To Call Businesses Listed on The Search Results


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Here is the good news: Google Search now allows businesses to link their phone number to the search result

If you go to Google Search and type in the name of a local business, followed by the keyword “phone” at the end of it, eventually you will see a linked number at the top of the page. By clicking the link, you will be able to instantly call the company using Google Hangouts.

“Looking for information and want to get in touch fast? The next time you’re searching for a business or place (on desktop), look for the linked phone number that appears as a quick answer. When you click, you’ll place the call right via Hangouts. Calls to US and Canada are free and calls to other countries are just a few cents away.”


This is obviously a good way for businesses to expand their reach toward customers. It’s a small feature, yet it’s one that should attract Google’s loyal users. Calls to businesses in the US and Canada are free, while calling an international number will cost you a small fee. This is not a big thing indeed, but when it is carefully combined with the right SEO strategy, now a prospective client is really just “a click away”.