Google study claims 52 per cent of Australians have a smartphone


According to a new study conducted by Google and Ipsos Media CT, Australia’s smartphone penetration is now at 52 per cent, which represents over 40 per cent growth year on year (up from 37% last year).

Due to the growing popularity of the medium, consumers are now using their smartphones to shop more than ever. The study demonstrated that 65 per cent of smartphone owners access the web from their phone on a daily basis, and 94 per cent have researched a product or service on their device and 28 per cent have bought a product via their smartphone.

This poses a problem for many businesses because a whopping 79 per cent of Australian businesses don’t have a website optimised for mobile devices. This is despite 61 per cent of mobile consumers stating they would unlikely return to a site they had trouble accessing on their phone.

“The mobile revolution isn’t ‘coming’ – it’s already happened. Mobile is no longer optional. Businesses need to develop a mobile strategy now, or risk getting left behind,” said Google Australia


click here to download the sudy – 2011_TheMobileMovement-stats.pdf

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