How to Get The First 500 Comments on Your Blog (Infographic)



Most people think that blog comments are completely useless, so they turn them off. However, they’re also missing a tremendous opportunity to learn more about their audience.

This choice is, by no means, wrong. We just presume that people can’t get the most out of blogging without comments. The main reason is comment feature allows you to learn more about your readers. It explains how they think, the words they use to describe their problems, and even the way they see the world. The ones who can understand the way their prospective customers view things are the ones who get the most profits.

Most importantly, blogging is all about readers. Without readers, your blog is rendered worthless. So the best thing you can do is to build a community where they can interact with you by expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Now the question is how can you get more blog comments? The infographic below will show you eight steps you need to follow in order to get more people commenting on your blog.

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